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Racing Results

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DateFile 05/08/20Download 06/08/20Download 07/08/20Download 08/08/20Download 09/08/20Download 10/08/20Download 11/08/20Download 12/08/20Download 13/08/20Download 14/08/20Download 15/08/20Download 16/08/20Download 17/08/20Download 18/08/20Download 19/08/20Download 20/08/20Download 21/08/20Download 22/08/20Download 23/08/20Download 24/08/20Download 25/08/20Download 26/08/20Download 27/08/20Download 28/08/20Download 29/08/20Download 30/08/20Download 31/08/20Download 01/09/20Download 02/09/20Download 03/09/20Download 04/09/20Download 05/09/20Download 06/09/20Download 07/09/20Download 08/09/20Download 09/09/20Download 10/09/20Download 11/09/20Download 12/09/20Download 13/09/20Download 14/09/20Download 15/09/20Download 16/09/20Download 17/09/20Download 18/09/20Download 19/09/20Download 20/09/20Download 21/09/20Download 22/09/20Download 23/09/20Download 24/09/20Download 25/09/20Download 26/09/20Download 27/09/20Download 28/09/20Download 29/09/20Download 30/09/20Download 01/10/20Download 02/10/20Download 03/10/20Download 04/10/20Download 05/10/20Download 06/10/20Download 07/10/20Download 08/10/20Download 09/10/20Download 10/10/20Download 11/10/20Download 12/10/20Download 13/10/20Download 14/10/20Download 15/10/20Download 16/10/20Download 17/10/20Download 18/10/20Download 19/10/20Download 20/10/20Download 21/10/20Download 22/10/20Download 23/10/20Download 24/10/20Download 25/10/20Download 26/10/20Download 27/10/20Download 28/10/20Download 29/10/20Download 30/10/20Download 31/10/20Download 01/11/20Download 02/11/20Download  Read More →

Back To School With Caan Berry

June 27, 2020 by  

Want to get started with sports trading on the betting exchanges? Well Caan Berry is your man with his all new Beginners School. Betfair trading education is crucial for beginners. From knowing nothing, to a basic understanding and more, he’s got it all covered. Beginners school is designed to help you build the skills, knowledge and ability... Read More...

Introducing Racing Matcher

June 7, 2020 by  

In the fast moving sport of Horse Racing, having the latest odds and offers at your fingertips is key to making the most when it comes to Matched Betting. This is even more prevalent around Festival time. So fortunately for us, those rather clever people at OddsMonkey have developed a very helpful tool for the job. Introducing Racing Matcher. For all... Read More...

OddsMonkey Premium For £1

June 1, 2020 by  

Well this is perfect timing as our premium matched betting partners, as more and more sport starts to return our Matched Betting partners, OddsMonkey, have come up with a very special offer to welcome back it back. 12 days full unlimited Premium level access to their site for just £1.00. Yes One Quid! Yes that is not a typo, 12 days of full unlimited... Read More...

Das Scanner Ist Gud!

May 23, 2020 by  

Football Is Back! And what a first weekend of action we enjoyed in the company of the pro traders over at In Play Trading and their legendary In Play Scanner 4 out of 5 winners meant we well and truly hit the ground running. In fact we more than covered 4 months worth of subscription to the site from these pick alone In Play Trading – BUY 2 MONTHS... Read More...

Let Us Bring The In Play Trades To You

May 13, 2020 by  

We are not sure it gets much better than this. Not only does the fantastic In Play Trading offer unrivalled software tools, strategies & support but it’s owner & founder, Adster has released his own personal core filters that he uses on their flagship product, the In Play Scanner, to find his trades. Yes you can setup the software... Read More...

Welcome To GreenUpTV

May 4, 2020 by  

Grab a drink, settle back and click. Click for a feast of the latest and greatest bookmaker, trading and general profitable videos and broadcasts available on the planet today. Welcome to GreenUpTV. Our new sister site to bet72 features all the best online media content from all the leading internet money makers. At the time of typing, our library... Read More...

Game, Set and Profits

April 1, 2020 by  
News, Tennis

When it comes to trading and making a profit it is not only football & horse racing that we like to use. In fact one of the most overlooked sports for trading on is Tennis. Well fear not as we have just the product for you as there is never been a better time to get familiar with all the strategies and ideas, so you are all ready for the tennis... Read More...

Combine & Save

March 1, 2020 by  

With the Cheltenham Festival just around the corner then thought it would be useful to bring up this old post to show you how you how you can save a few quid by covering multiple horses from multiple offers in the same race….Over to you Darren (that’s me by the way)! HOT OFF THE PRESS Enjoy 12 days full unlimited access to OddsMonkey Premium... Read More...

Betfair Cricket Guide Review: How Good Is It?

February 29, 2020 by  

Did you know that cricket is now the number one sport for traded volume on Betfair? Well if you didn’t, you should. Because with growth comes opportunity. As more money flows into these betting markets, cricket traders are taking more and more value. Fancy giving it a go yourself but not sure where to start? This is exactly why I’ve put together... Read More...

The Big Caan Berry Trading Sale

February 25, 2020 by  

Ever fancied getting to grips with trading on Betfair well here’s your chance to get your hands on Caan Berry’s excellent Video Pack Course with a whopping £50 off Find out more about the man himself and follow his trading blog over at Here’s Caan with a little bit more on what the products are all about……. Advanced... Read More...

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