Introducing The Draw Inflation Tool

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It is a little known fact that the odds on every football match has what is know as a Draw Inflation % figure. This is based on a calculation of the prices of Home Supremacy and Total Goals.

Usually this figure will sit anything between 5-15% is alright but there are occasions when this figure will fall outside of this range and produce misaligned prices on Betfair. And because the markets are so efficient, they simply have to correct themselves.

So that equals one word, OPPORTUNITY

And that opportunity has now presented itself in the form of a piece of automated software that will scans the Betfair daily in-play coupon and calculates the DI for each game and will flag up misaligned prices in the Match Odds and Over/Under 2.5 goals markets. These markets are always the most liquid of so your trades will be taken quicker, plus there will be plenty of games to trade and to profit from.

Introducing the Draw Inflation Tool

Created by the full time professionals behind the famous Trading Football service this is the must have addition to any traders portfolio, allowing you to profit in the Match Odds market before kick off. So you can sit back and enjoy the game knowing your profits are locked in or take free money inplay for risk free live trading!

We have been trialing this tool with the guys as it was being constructed and it really does do what it says on the tin.

Users have access to a page which will automatically scan the daily in-play football coupon giving a DI% for each game that meets our criteria. Then by following simple instructions quick profits can be achieved. Members will also get the option of receiving instant free email alerts when games are triggered. Marvellous!

Here is an example…..

The Draw Inflation Tool is available as a standalone subscription service or for FREE, yes FREE for all subscribers to the boys service.

This is their original price checking service that looks for incorrect prices across a number of markets, using their now legendary software, Shirley. Shirley is a football markets model based on probability theory and statistics. The software uses prices in liquid markets and calculates relevant prices in secondary markets thus allowing users to spot mispriced events and profit from trading them before the game has started.

It was from this service that Draw Inflation was first discovered and explained to it members, who have profiting from it ever since.

So now everyone can have access to two fantastic services and automated software tools for one low price. You will also benefit from email tips will be sent out to members, plus tutorial videos. Plus here is also an excellent Chat room facility and email support for all members too.

To find out more about how you can get involved with this service (and get the new DI tool for FREE) just click below…….


More Reasons To Trade InPlay

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The best just got even better as now the excellent Draw Inflation tool has been added for free for all members of InPlay Trading site.

Get green before kickoff & take those profits in play & make some more!

You can see more examples of the tool in action over on our dedicated media site, GreenUpTV:

And for more information about how you can get onboard just click below or drop us a line at


The Draw Inflation Challenge

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OK it is always good to one’s money where one’s mouth is. And as people have been asking me lots of questions about the fantastic new Draw Inflation Tool (featured here) and whether it really works. I thought I would set myself a little challenge and see if we can raise a few extra quid for the London Marathon charity pot (that is featured here) at the same time too.

So whenever I can I will follow the DI tool and look to trade opportunities it flags ups. This will be for very small and looking for just 1 or 2 ticks movement to leverage a profit with the idea to build a slow and steady profit over the next month to add as a donation to my fund.

And also to show that you don’t need massive resources to generate a decent little extra (and tax free) income.

The premise will be I get an alert for an opportunity, I fire the trades in with a one tick offset once matched, if we are not matched before the % moves then we remove the trades and look for the next one.

Of course I cannot follow this 24/7 and I will miss trades so this will be just get on when I can around the other stuff I am doing and will be entirely separate from all the other trading / risk free activities I undertake. But even say an average of £5 a day for the next 30 days is an extra £150 so is not to be sniffed at.

OK here we go then….. (for now I will just list the daily amounts but will look to put up some more detail and videos as we progress)

Day One – 20/03/12 – 3 trades – +£5.20
Day Two – 21/03/12 – 4 trades – +£4.15
Day Three – 22/03/12 – 1 trade – +£3.52
Day Four – 23/03/12 – 2 trades – +£2.94
Day Five – 24/03/12 – 5 trades – +£4.33
Day Six – 25/03/12 – No trading today
Day Seven – 26/03/12 – 2 trades – +£4.65
Day Eight – 27/03/12 – 2 trades – +£3.27
Day Nine – 28/03/12 – 1 trade – +£2.67
Day Ten – 29/03/12 – 1 trade – +£3.13
Day Eleven – 30/03/12 – 1 trade – +£2.81
Day Twelve – 31/03/12 – 1 trade – +£1.98
Day Thirteen – 01/04/12 – 2 trades – +£3.11
Day Fourteen – 02/04/12 – No trading today
Day Fifteen – 03/04/12 – 1 trade – +£3.02
Day Sixteen – 04/04/12 – 2 trades – +£2.79
Day Seventeen – 05/04/12 – 2 trades – +£3.51

Running Total : +£51.06

To find out more and how to get the new DI tool for FREE just click below…….


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