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As it is Cheltenham Festival time once again then thought it would be useful to bring up this old post to show you how you how you can save a few quid by covering multiple horses from multiple offers in the same race….Over to you Darren (that’s me by the way)!

Cheltenham Special – 50% Off – Just £9.99 for your first month of OddsMonkey Premium (normally £19.99) – use promo code OM50 Click Here

Oh I do love the big meetings. Top class action, loads of liquidity on the exchanges and of course a stack of great offers.

Of course it is Cheltenham time so we have created a dedicated page for the Festival offers right here

And always around this time, one of the Frequently Asked Questions that comes up whenever there is a big meeting on is “How can I get on & do multiple offers in the same race when I only have a limited Betfair bank to LAY with”

Yes often people see horse racing offers as prohibitive when there are bigger odds involved that say your usual lower priced football markets. And especially where multiple bookmakers will have offers on the same big races, people shy away thinking they cannot play along because of the balance they have in their betting exchange account.

Well actually the reverse is true as if you lay multiple selections in the same market, you will combine your liability within that market and hence bring the overall figure down.

And because we are operating in the same market on the same betting exchange the money is immediately available in your account balance.

Here’s an example……

We lay Flaxxen Flare at 5.9 with £25 with a liability of £122.50, meaning we need that amount in our Betfair account to cover the lay bet

We then lay Irish Saint with £25 at odds of 4.7 (an overall liability of £92.50) but look at the net effect on the market now. We are only liable for £97.50 on our first selection and because we laid Flaxxen Flare for £25 with the first bet our liability is only £67.50 on our 2nd selection, Irish Saint

And if we added a 3rd , Rolling Star £25 at 3.8, a £70 liability

but we now actually have a net market liability of just £72.50 for an original £122.50. This is the liability on our highest price selection Flaxxen Flare. Remember we are using a flat stake here, yet we are still covered in the same way as when we took the first bet.

And that £50 we have in effect freed up will be available immediately in our betting exchange balance so we can use it if required. So you can see how we can potentially get involved with multiple offers in the same race and actually bring our liabilities down meaning we need less in our betting exchange account than if we were just covering the first selection.

This is just an example to prove the point without any commission applied either but you get the idea.

Combining liabilities in this way is especially useful with all the “Refund If 2nd…” type offers we are seeing much more of nowadays.

Potentially, if we can get a good enough match up in back / lay prices, we can be covering a number of selections and a number of different offers, therefore increasing our chances of getting a refund from one of the bookmakers but with no extra overhead on the betting exchange.

The best way to pick up all the best match up in live prices is with the brilliant Oddsmatcher software from our matched betting partners, OddsMonkey

To find out more about the software and indeed all the other Premium Matched Betting tools then head over to OddsMonkey, where to celebrate the Cheltenham Festival you can enjoy access to their Premium Members Service including of course OddsMatcher for half price.


Back To School With Caan Berry

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Want to get started with sports trading on the betting exchanges?

Well Caan Berry is your man with his all new Beginners School.

Betfair trading education is crucial for beginners. From knowing nothing, to a basic understanding and more, he’s got it all covered.

Beginners school is designed to help you build the skills, knowledge and ability to make the first steps towards profitable trading on the betting exchanges. Jump straight in and get started below!

3 Principles of Winning

Trading is tougher than it sounds, but the with a little planning and perseverance, it’s quite possible. A winning trader needs to:

1. Maximise Profit
2. Limit Losses
3. Repeat Over

We believe a simple approach is always best. For that reason we’ve laid out a few steps to help you on your way, starting from nothing.

Just click below to get started…

Today’s Market Movers

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Check out the big movers of the day with the Market Movers section from Trading The Horses which lists the top steamers (horses being well backed) and top drifters (horses showing lack of support in the market) over the last 60 mins across the entire racecards of the day.

Just another great feature on the Trading The Horses the site and best of all it is free for everyone to use (no login required).

Just click below to see the latest live movers….


Pre Match Trading For Profits

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A cracking video from Adster Pre Match Trading that really encompasses what the whole service is about.

Email dated: 29th August 2016……..


Emo has done the business gain and added Maxbets to Auto pages, just refresh page when on one to bring it up. Maxbets is one of if not the biggest Asian bookies and like SBO is good for showing Asian trends. Just to remind others Pinnacle is best 2-3 hours from kick off right up to kick off and Spreads is best for early bets, night before etc.

With the season only 2 weeks old we have an international break which means lot of lesser games which means less liquidity so please consider using smaller stakes aside the internationals themselves.

Also please remember with PMT subs you also get access to the IPT Inplay Room free where I and other pro traders post their trades and more often we profit. I am usually in Saturday afternoons and Tuesday and Thursday evenings so feel free to come in, sit on the sidelines, observing or contributing and jumping on trades posted, it’s a great place to be with like minded traders.

Good Luck


An over £50 profit before a ball has even been kicked is not something to sniff at, look….

Scalping The 1.5 Goals Market – England v Wales

Profits from the Premiership, Champions League, Internationals, European Leagues, FA Cup, it really makes no difference to the boys & girls over at Pre Match Trading and their excellent software


We now have the full back catalogue of videos from the PMT site over on our media site, GreenUpTV, look….

Pre Match Trading Videos

The team over at Pre Match Trading will show you how to make a profit before a football match starts. Before a ball has been kicked. Before the teams come out of the tunnel. Even the team news has been released?

Here they are with more details….

Our prematch trading tool nicknamed “Shirley” can do exactly that on the trading exchanges like Betfair/Betdaq.

Shirley is a football markets model based on probability theory and statistics.
The software uses prices in liquid markets and calculates relevant prices in secondary markets thus allowing users to spot mispriced events and profit from trading them before the game has started.

After 12 months of testing and tweaking for major leagues and international games we took the decision to give out some tips to the members of trading football for 3 months at the end of the 2011 season. The success, popularity and demand for these tips were key factors in putting this site together and offering the tool to a select few.

Our members will be able to capitalise and take advantage of misaligned prices in markets like the correct score, 1.5 to 3.5 under/overs and other markets.

For ease of use the top 5 most liquid games for the day are calculated automatically.

Due to the increase in numbers on exchanges over bookmakers and so many games and markets from England to Germany, Spain and Italy offering excellent liquidity the tool can be used as little or as often as the subscriber wants. We also feel it will be ideal for the part time trader as the majority of games are evenings and weekends.

With the small matter of the World Cup, Euro Championship and other major competitions the tool can effectively be used for internationals as well as for domestic leagues, thus allowing it to be used all year round. Marvellous!

A high percentage of profitable trades is very achievable if the software is used as per the instructions on the members’ help page.

A better understanding of how football markets are related to each other, ways to trade more than one market and offset profit/loss for an overall green outcome in most games. We have all had losing trades, generally as a rule though most people do not keep screenshots of those losing trades!

Shirley is a scalping tool so profit compared to bank size is not big – please check the screenshots gallery, we used stakes of 100 ~ 500 max. To maximise profits users can recycle their stake money once matched over and over again.

For any questions or if we can assist in any way please use the contact page and we will respond to your query as soon as we possibly can.

We hope you enjoy using this trading tool.

For those that haven’t here is a screenshot. We’ve now added HT markets and graphs. The graphs are BF graphs, (I’ve hovered the mouse on the 1.5 market below) and the HT markets show the prices before KO and not what they will be at HT. Marvellous.

So now everyone can have access to two fantastic services and automated software tools for one low price. You will also benefit from email tips will be sent out to members, plus tutorial videos. Plus here is also an excellent Chat room facility and email support for all members too.

To find out more about how you can get involved with this service (and get the new DI tool for FREE) just click below. You can even get a 14 day trial account for just £20!

EXCLUSIVE – 20% Off Caan Berry Trading Tools

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Bet72 have teamed up with Professional Betfair Trader & good friend Caan Berry to bring you an EXCLUSIVE 20% off his excellent Pre Race Trading Guide & Advanced Video Pack Course

Just use the promo code B72 and a whopping 20% discount will be taken off the price on the site. But hurry as this offer ends when the fat lady sings at midnight on Sunday 23rd April

Find out more about the man himself and follow his trading blog over at

Here’s Caan with a little bit more on what the products are all about…….


Pre Race Trading Guide

Trading Betfair is often as hard as you make it… and going it alone is likely to be a lot more painful. Keep your hard-earnt cash and learn to read the markets effectively without complicated technical jargon

The Pre Race Trading Guide is A SHORTCUT.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

The Guide is written without any additional ‘padding’ to make it clear and easy to understand quickly. Previous readers have reported a rapid change in results within a week. It’s also important to remember trading isn’t just about winning large sums of money, it’s about not losing through foolish mistakes!

… And as Warren Buffet says; “it’s far easier to learn from others mistakes”. Saving a lot of time (and money) in the process.

This guide is more than a strategy that works, it’s the explanation behind what I do and why I consider certain indicators important!

In the simplest format possible the pre-race trading guide will assist you in;

The Pre-Race Trading Guide is simple, it will help you in:

✓ Understanding of how the markets function, the motivation behind the numbers

✓ Identify profitable situations, ready in anticipation to squeeze as much profit from them as possible

✓ Spot difficult situations to trade, avoiding losses before they even happen

✓ Effectively implementing yourself in the market, execution is the key to maximum efficiency

On purchase of the Pre-Race Trading Guide you will get:

✓ Unique set of secure login details straight to your inbox (Please specify a valid email if your PayPal email is not correct)

✓ Lifetime access to the ‘Trading Guide’ area. (at no extra cost for future updates)

✓ [PDF Download] Content rich information, detailing my outlook, set-up, and understanding of the markets.

✓ Advice on how to use the tools and indicators on offer, read the market, and execute your trades.

✓ Unlimited access to all future updates (Currently version 4.1)

Added Extra’s:

✓ Full user support

✓ Satisfaction guarantee (e-mail details below)

So, for the price of just one bad trade in the market. You can expand your trading knowledge forever and start to see the markets with more clarity (and avoid making those crappy mistakes again and again)

And you’ll get it all today for just one payment of £39 £31.20 – BUY NOW

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 09.14.05

Advanced Video Pack Course

The Advanced Video Package is an incredibly powerful visual aide designed to help you anticipate market movements before they happen, identify and confirm them as they do, and then execute your trades efficiently in the moment while limiting risk.

What’s Included?

22 Module Course
96 video clips taken from my own day-to-day trading
11 Trading Checklists broken right down for you to follow

Caan explains his view on the markets through screen recordings of his own trading experiences showing you how to apply his methods so you can:

Recognise potential weak-spots within the markets

Understand what causes dramatic price movements and reactions

Manage your positions like a professional and become the trader you would like to be

And you’ll get it all today for just one payment of £167£133.60 BUY NOW

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 09.13.29

If you want to see more of Caan in action then head over to our media site where the man himself has his very own dedicated video section with over 100 clips for your viewing pleasure

Trading Football Open Night

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In the words of Ray Winstone, it is all about the in play ain’t it.

It certainly is Raymondo over at in the Green Room with the Trading Football chaps, as Tuesday Night is In Play night and you are all invited…..

You are warmly invited to our Open Night this Tuesday, 17th March. Following the success of our previous events where we traded live and added £124 to our Betfair accounts, we hope you will either join us again or attend this session for the first time.

All you need to do is register on the website here. Nothing to pay, no card/bank details need to be given!

The atmosphere in the chat room is lively, fun, yet populated with serious like minded traders who all have the same objective – to increase our Betfair accounts! We consider ourselves to be supportive to those new to football trading so please ask any question if you are unclear about anything.

When attending a live trading session with us please try to be there at 7.30pm where we will be discussing possible trading opportunities pre match. In addition, you can check out the Forum for other trading suggestions that members have posted.

If you would like to become a full member with access to a range of resources in addition to the chat room then please check out our subscription packages

We look forward to welcoming you to

Bingo & Adster

No exaggeration to say that this is one of the best trading chatrooms on the internet with some of the friendliest and knowledgeable traders you could ever wish to meet. There is always a great buzz about the place with people there to help you every step of the way.

Here are some highlights from a previous In Play Night…..

Of course the Green Room is just part of the package on the inside the site too, look….

– 20 proven profitable football trading strategies

– The best online trading chat rooms manned by full time professional traders

– A minimum of 6 Trade Of The Day alerts each and every week, with a full round up all official trades plus additional alerts when opportunities occur

– Regular live webinars

– Premium Trading Videos showing all the strategies in action

– Articles, hints, tips and advice

– Free Money from the latest bookmaker offers

– Support from the team of full time professional traders

And there’s more…..

We are now offering 2 brand new FREE software tools for all members.

First up the excellent Draw Inflation tool which uses the Match Odds and 2.5 markets to identify inflated prices to trade on.

And we now have our all new In Play Strategy Scanner, our hottest tool to save time and effort which will find inplay games to trade based on criteria you input!

Great news!

We can firmly recommend both these additions to the site.

So yet more tools in the box for a successful season of trading once again, love it!

And take a sneaky peek at the brilliant In-Play Scanner. We have already picked off a few trades we might have otherwise missed to profit from. We love this software already!

We have said it before, for anyone wanting to trade football this is the no brainer of the year, so what are you waiting for, come and take a look….

In Play Trading Now FREE For A Week

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Just got some excellent news from the boys over at

*** FREE 7 DAY TRIAL ***

Until midnight on Sunday you can now get one weeks free access to the Inplay Scanner.

Just click here:

Register your details then email with the username you would like to use and we will sort out with 7 days unlimited access for nothing

This software is the essential bit of kit to have at your disposal if you serious about trading football inplay. Search all the live tradable matches, see live auto updated stats from every game on one page, setup match alerts and filters as well as the brilliant new Pressure Indicator which will show which side is pushing for the next goal. These are just some of the great features included.

Anyone who has been following our main social sites (FACEBOOK & TWITTER) will be well used to the screens of green that we post up thanks to this brilliant piece of software. It really does give you an extra pair of eyes on the markets and spots opportunities that could easily be missed.

Take Tuesday (10 Feb) for example…. All picked out by the scanner as the matches unfolded….

Bolton 3 Fulham 1


Peterborough United 1-2 Gillingham


** Finished 2-1 Carlisle with the last kick of the game!


Once inside the site not only will you have access to the software itself but also 7 proven profitable trading strategies so you can really hit the ground running.

With a big cup weekend ahead plus a full European card of games and of course the Champions League back next week this is the perfect time to see the software doing what it does best.

And if you want to see more of the software in action then head over to our media site, GreenUpTV where we have a full set of demonstration videos for the tool

In Play Trading Video Library

Ready for some in play action then? Just click below….


Happy New Year Indeed

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Happy 2015. Well it certainly was thanks to the In Play Scanner from the In Play Trading site.

A very enjoyable start to the year using the software to pick out games as they unfolded based on live stats and their brilliant (and unique) pressure indicator.

Seriously it would be impossible to track all the action across multiple games looking for opportunities as they arise. So if you fancy dipping your toe into the world of In Play Football this is the tool to have in your bag.



So don’t delay, get InPlay Trading today….


When Is A Free £10 Bet Worth £20?

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When is a free £10 worth £20?

When it’s used as insurance for trading with !

Yes armed with a free £10 from Betfair (thanks Betfair), we grabbed the Trade of The Day from the Trading Football guys on Monday night’s Blackpool v Huddersfield game.

On the menu was the “Covers” strategy which basically works on trading correct scores Over 2.5 Goals with some insurance “Cover” on the Under 2.5 Goals market. We used our free £10 on the Unders and placed the stakes on the scores in the correct score market accordingly.

The goals started to fly in and by half time it was 1-3 to Huddersfield and we had almost £20 profit in the bank. Our work was done, marvelous (£20 for 45 mins is not a bad hourly rate for watching football now is it), look….

Note: As this was a fixed odds free bet too we probably would have only made £7-£8 from this in the convention back / lay method

This is a new concept we are looking to develop using a variety of different angles here at Bet72, in conjunction with Trading Football.

Using free bets as free insurance can provide a massive edge both in terms the value of the freebie but also the way in which you trade and your returns on the matches too.

Likewise we are also developing some crossover strategies to utilise the “If” offers (detailed here) for example utilising bookmaker refunds on 0-0 draws and cashbacks on selected occurrences in a game as defined by the bookie.

Exciting times ahead so watch this space and over on our dedicated trading site, for all the latest news.

Right off to collect some more free bets before the action later!

All This For Under A Quid!

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There’s not a lot you can buy for 99p today is there. Let’s face it you would be hard pushed to get a 99 Ice Cream for just under a quid. Yet for that princely sum you can get full access to the most essential piece of software for anyone who wishes to bet and/or on InPlay Football.

Yes we are delighted to announce that our exclusive deal for the access to the hottest new website on the block, has been extended until the end of the month. That is 99p, yes 9-9p, under a pound, for 10 days full and unrestricted access to the site, strategies, support and best of all their flagship software, the InPlay Scanner.

Latest Update From The Inplay Traders

For a limited time come & try the software for less than a quid.

Yes we have an EXCLUSIVE deal with the chaps over at InPlay Trading and you can now get 10 days unlimited access to the Scanner, Sample Strategies & all the other exclusive content on the inside for just 99p. This is not a misprint. Amazing value!

Then after you have had chance to have a good look round the ongoing monthly membership after that is just £29.99 (no doubt paid for from the previous 10 days of using the software already)

Please use this exclusive link to Join Here

We, at, are not ones to throw praise around lightly but honestly this software is an essential bit of kit for anyone looking to get involved with InPlay football.

You don’t have to be a trader to get the benefit either. Even if you are just thinking about one of Big Ray’s half time specials, how good would it be to have all the InPlay stats and information right at your fingertips before you decide to part with your cash you slaaag!

Such is the power of the tool that we have been able to turn that much maligned strategy, Lay The Draw, it into one of our most successful ones of the season so far, by being able to jump onto games where the draw is trading below 2.0 but there have been 5 or more Shots On Target and the sites unique “Pressure Indicator” to secure profit after profit.

Of course no strategy is going to be 100% but with the stats on your side and sensible bank management the only way is up and up with access to this site.

Take our most recent trading success on Monday in the Sociedad v Getafe La Liga match. At 65 mins still 0-0 but 5 Shots On Target and Getafe doing the pressing according to the indicator. We laid the Draw and also Under 1.5 goals meaning just one goal and we were in the green. Against the run of play the home side scored so we laid them in the Match Odds market and reduced our red in the U1.5 goals position so we had secured a profit but with more to play with if anything else occured. Then goal, goal by Getafe and it was jackpot time (see below)…..

That is 10 days trial access with over £45 left in change from just this one trade!

This would never have been a game we would have considered to get involved in, we just had the scanner running in the background looking for triggers (alerted by a handy ping) whilst watching the West Brom v Man United game, which ironically we never uncovered a decent entry point so we left it alone, again the power of the software.

For more information have a look at the site by clicking the link below and with a massive week of European and Domestic action to come, then for 99p this surely is a no brainer.


We are happy to help and offer any advice or ideas on how to best utilitise the trial period and beyond so please don’t be shy just drop us a line at anytime and please do email us with any of your green screens of joy whilst using the software too.

And it is no flash in the pan either, take a look at our weekend of trading….What A Weekend

*Please note we are using small staked here, no liabilities over £15 per game so the ROI is massive and shows you can get started on a small bank with minimal risk

The Italian Job


El Profits In Spain


No Greek Tragedy Here


Czech Mate. Profits From A Very Unlikely Source For Us


More Euros In The Bank


Vive La Scanner!


And there are more examples here and on our social media pages too (@bet72)

Look forward to seeing you on the inside


It’s All About The In Play

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Hot off the press, some more recent successful trades from the chaps over at InPlayTrading. The football trading service with it’s own in built match scanner that tells you when to get involved in the markets.

Latest Update:

For a limited time come & try the software for less than a quid.

Yes we have an EXCLUSIVE deal with the chaps over at InPlay Trading and you can now get 10 days unlimited access to the Scanner, Sample Strategies & all the other exclusive content on the inside for just 99p (yes that is 9-9, as in the ice cream, this is not a misprint. Amazing value!).

Then after you have had chance to have a good look round the ongoing monthly membership after that is just £29.99 (no doubt paid for from the previous 10 days of using the software already)

Please use this exclusive link to Join Here

09/10/14 – Another pleasing night with the scanner

Here’s the latest demonstration video from Adster who runs the service over there….

Over to you boys…..

Backed the dog at 9, 3.2 and 2.96….

The scanner showed a whopping 7 to 1 SOT (shots on target), wasn’t a tough decision…

I do a fair bit of this as well as Backing Over 2.5 and the draw for games 20 mins in if there have been 4 or more SOT. One goal goes in I then Back the 1-0 or 0-1 to cover the red which only leaves a late 2-0 or 0-2 as a loss as the draw is covered with the Back earlier on. Stakes? £20 on draw at around 3s and £40 on Over 2.5 at around 2.60 or more. (Halve these if too high). Works well. No goals at 65 mins I will then Back 1-0 and 0-1 and accept the loss.

I also jump on around 65 mins games that are 0-0 with a minimum 5 SOT, and LTD plus Lay U1.5. Stakes I use are say £40 LTD at 2s and £80 Laying U1.5 at 1.3 max for £24 red leaving a red of £64 for both trades. Also add a Under 2.5 Lay at 1.05 to 1.06 for £100 to £120, (£6 red) making £70 in total.

One goal I green the draw and either green the 1.5 or let it run. This works well.

(Obviously you can halve these or quarter stakes if too high, personal comfort levels should always apply)


We now welcome a new measurement to the scanner, the Pressure Index. This unique algorithm calculates the how much pressure team is having and the likelihood of a goal coming. Brilliant.

And it is already reaping profit after profit, it really is. £110 on the night below using small stakes, another £94 tonight using small stakes, £78 last night. Not only that but the strats employed are so simple to follow!

And similar for this one, got on before the goal. Massive 0-7 Shots on Target!

This one here was 0-1 at HT. Backed home fave plus Over 2.5 and when it went to 1-1 Backed Over 3.5, then O4.5 etc. Game ended 4-4 and £274 profit!! If I can do it anyone can. Wouldn’t even have traded it without the Scanner.

Fantastic stuff. We have been playing around with the software too & hitting some nice profits, late goals from Barcelona, Newport & St. Johnstone were all low risk winners for us over the weekend so we are in the process of getting some of our own ideas & videos together on what works for us.

And we have been posting plenty of our winning screenshots over on our social media sites too….



In the meantime, here is a view on the inside of the scanner in action….

For more of the latest trading videos from the guys then head over to our dedicated media site, GreenUpTV –

Plus the boys have now added 7 sample trading tips to their help page within the Members area to give some of you a few ideas on what sort of strategies the tool can be used in conjunction with.

If you are serious about your football trading don’t delay, get over to InPlayTrading today. Create an account and grab the 99p for 10 days offer….


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