Back To School With Caan Berry

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Want to get started with sports trading on the betting exchanges?

Well Caan Berry is your man with his all new Beginners School.

Betfair trading education is crucial for beginners. From knowing nothing, to a basic understanding and more, he’s got it all covered.

Beginners school is designed to help you build the skills, knowledge and ability to make the first steps towards profitable trading on the betting exchanges. Jump straight in and get started below!

3 Principles of Winning

Trading is tougher than it sounds, but the with a little planning and perseverance, it’s quite possible. A winning trader needs to:

1. Maximise Profit
2. Limit Losses
3. Repeat Over

We believe a simple approach is always best. For that reason we’ve laid out a few steps to help you on your way, starting from nothing.

Just click below to get started…

Let Us Bring The In Play Trades To You

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We are not sure it gets much better than this.

Not only does the fantastic In Play Trading offer unrivalled software tools, strategies & support but it’s owner & founder, Adster has released his own personal core filters that he uses on their flagship product, the In Play Scanner, to find his trades.

Yes you can setup the software to find potential games automatically following his blueprint and it will alert you via audio / email and now Telegram when a match fits the profile.

To say this is opportunity on a plate is somewhat of an understatement and when combined with the documented strategies within the site plus the shoutouts and sanity checks from fellow traders in the live chatroom, it is easy to see why we regard this service so highly. Even if you have never traded football before this is your chance to really hit the ground running…

Here are the current filters Adster is using himself along with an explanation of their latest strategy, the HTO (Half Time Overs) to show you the sort of thing to expect on the inside. This new strategy has been flying since it was introduced a few weeks ago and is a perfect one to get you started even as a new trader.

Enjoy and hopefully see you on the inside…

Filter Settings (click to enlarge)

PI’s High & HTO

60s Lay & U1.5 Lay

First 30 Mins & GoalWatch

HTO Strategy Details (click to enlarge)

And if you want to see more of the software in action then head over to our media site, GreenUpTV where we have a full set of demonstration videos for the tool

Ready for some in play action then? Just click below….


Game, Set and Profits

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When it comes to trading and making a profit it is not only football & horse racing that we like to use.

In fact one of the most overlooked sports for trading on is Tennis.

Well fear not as we have just the product for you as there is never been a better time to get familiar with all the strategies and ideas, so you are all ready for the tennis year ahead.

Seriously you cannot do better than taking a look at the work of good friend of bet72, Paul Shires aka Tradeshark and his excellent Tennis Trading Guide.

The guide really does contain everything you need to get started in the world of successful Tennis Trading…..

One time payment

Full time trader as your mentor for life

Low risk tennis trading strategies

Strategies with demo videos

Learn at your own pace

Common sense approach

Info on top 100 players and characteristics

Here is the chap himself to explain more…

We also have a full Tradeshark back catalogue of videos over on our media site, GreenUpTV – see more Tradeshark Videos here

And right now you can get your hands on a copy for just £35 thanks to our exclusive discount here at Bet72, just click below to find out more…

And do drop us a line if you need any further info and questions you have or even just to boast about your tennis trading profits!

Advantage Bet72!


Introducing The Draw Inflation Tool

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It is a little known fact that the odds on every football match has what is know as a Draw Inflation % figure. This is based on a calculation of the prices of Home Supremacy and Total Goals.

Usually this figure will sit anything between 5-15% is alright but there are occasions when this figure will fall outside of this range and produce misaligned prices on Betfair. And because the markets are so efficient, they simply have to correct themselves.

So that equals one word, OPPORTUNITY

And that opportunity has now presented itself in the form of a piece of automated software that will scans the Betfair daily in-play coupon and calculates the DI for each game and will flag up misaligned prices in the Match Odds and Over/Under 2.5 goals markets. These markets are always the most liquid of so your trades will be taken quicker, plus there will be plenty of games to trade and to profit from.

Introducing the Draw Inflation Tool

Created by the full time professionals behind the famous Trading Football service this is the must have addition to any traders portfolio, allowing you to profit in the Match Odds market before kick off. So you can sit back and enjoy the game knowing your profits are locked in or take free money inplay for risk free live trading!

We have been trialing this tool with the guys as it was being constructed and it really does do what it says on the tin.

Users have access to a page which will automatically scan the daily in-play football coupon giving a DI% for each game that meets our criteria. Then by following simple instructions quick profits can be achieved. Members will also get the option of receiving instant free email alerts when games are triggered. Marvellous!

Here is an example…..

The Draw Inflation Tool is available as a standalone subscription service or for FREE, yes FREE for all subscribers to the boys service.

This is their original price checking service that looks for incorrect prices across a number of markets, using their now legendary software, Shirley. Shirley is a football markets model based on probability theory and statistics. The software uses prices in liquid markets and calculates relevant prices in secondary markets thus allowing users to spot mispriced events and profit from trading them before the game has started.

It was from this service that Draw Inflation was first discovered and explained to it members, who have profiting from it ever since.

So now everyone can have access to two fantastic services and automated software tools for one low price. You will also benefit from email tips will be sent out to members, plus tutorial videos. Plus here is also an excellent Chat room facility and email support for all members too.

To find out more about how you can get involved with this service (and get the new DI tool for FREE) just click below…….


Betfair Cricket Guide Review: How Good Is It?

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Did you know that cricket is now the number one sport for traded volume on Betfair?

Well if you didn’t, you should. Because with growth comes opportunity. As more money flows into these betting markets, cricket traders are taking more and more value.

Fancy giving it a go yourself but not sure where to start?

This is exactly why I’ve put together this Cricket Guide review. Have a read to see what we think and check it out for yourself by clicking here

Why the Cricket Trading Guide for Betfair?

In recent years, liquidity has dipped on the Betfair exchange. However, for cricket, quite the opposite has happened. Since 2008 the cricket markets have seen more than a 60% increase in traded betting volume.

That’s quite a jump!

So if you’re looking for the next ‘hot thing’ in the betting world, you don’t need to look much further.

The source of all this money hasn’t been officially announced, although it seems quite obvious – Southern Asia. Cricket betting is massive business in these parts, and cricket traders have been having a field-trip because of it.

You’ve probably heard of Caan Berry before, a popular name amongst Betfair trading circles. These same circles have led to something special. As the saying goes…

“it’s not what you know, but who you know.”

Which is where Mr.X comes in. Introduced to each-other by Betfair themselves, Caan and this anonymous cricket trader struck up a lasting friendship. Now some 5 years later, they’ve put together a solid resource to help others out.

I’ve looked at it myself and I have to say, it’s probably the highest quality guide I’ve seen yet.

What’s included?

Each cricket trading guide comes with:

Main trading guide PDF (visible via viewer)
How to read statistical data guide
3 years IPL statistics
3 years BBL statistics
Community forum access (author posts there)

It’s also rumoured that similar statistical data will be added for T20 in the coming months. All of these data sheets are used by the cricket pro who wrote the guide.


The betting exchange cricket markets are huge with some matches during the 2019 World Cup trading well over £100m. With so many formats and so much interest in the game, the opportunities are massive for sports traders. This guide offers a clear pathway into these lucrative trading markets for traders of all levels with clear explanations, a wealth of statistical information and direct support from the authors. Howzat for a product!

Have a look at the Cricket Trading Guide Here.

The Big Caan Berry Trading Sale

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Ever fancied getting to grips with trading on Betfair well here’s your chance to get your hands on Caan Berry’s excellent Video Pack Course with a whopping £50 off

Find out more about the man himself and follow his trading blog over at

Here’s Caan with a little bit more on what the products are all about…….

Advanced Video Pack Course

The Advanced Video Package is an incredibly powerful visual aide designed to help you anticipate market movements before they happen, identify and confirm them as they do, and then execute your trades efficiently in the moment while limiting risk.

What’s Included?

Currently, when purchasing the video course you receive:

24 Course Modules
136 Videos
12 PDF Checklists
Community Forum Access
Unlimited access via desktop, mobile and tablet
Audio transcription for video content
Satisfaction guarantee

Caan explains his view on the markets through screen recordings of his own trading experiences showing you how to apply his methods so you can:

Recognise potential weak-spots within the markets

Understand what causes dramatic price movements and reactions

Manage your positions like a professional and become the trader you would like to be

Video Pack Course Breakdown:

LEVELS: Beginner to Advanced

Modules Include:

✓ Video Pack Introduction
✓ Basics: Getting Started
✓ Mindset: Key Points Before You Do Anything
✓ Market Awareness: Situations and Market Dynamics
✓ Executing Your Trades, Tips and Tricks
✓ Managing Risk: Doing What’s Right
✓ Morning Routine: Spotting Early Clues
✓ Anticipating Drifting Prices
✓ Additional Indicators External to Betfair
✓ Using Significant Changes to Our Benefit
✓ Trading Tipping Services
✓ Scalping Broken Down
✓ Swing Trading Examples
✓ Multiple Trading Styles
✓ How to Spot Genuine Money
✓ Avoiding and Using Market Manipulation to Your Benefit
✓ Trading Volatile, Erratic Racing Markets
✓ The Market Spoofer
✓ Specific Seasonal Opportunities
✓ Trading the Irish Betting Markets
✓ Backing to Lay Horses
✓ Illiquid Trading on Greyhound Markets
✓ Trading Large Racing Meetings

If you want to see more of Caan in action then head over to our media site where the man himself has his very own dedicated video section with over 250 clips for your viewing pleasure

Come & Meet (& Copy) A Guru

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You will know by now that at bet72 we are very excited by the revolutionary social investing network, eToro

Want to know why? Well take a look at this for starters…..

See who the best traders are, filter according to 3 month, 6 month and 1 year gain durations and start copying them today!

Introducing The InPlay Football Trading Scanner

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Want to have all the inplay facts & statistics you will ever need to improve your football trading, realtime at your fingertips for every live match?

Let me hand you over to the boys from InPlay Trading to tell you more….

Welcome to the all new Inplay Stats Scanner.

This brilliant Scanner will save time and effort ensuring more of that precious time is spent on the important task of making money.

How often has time been wasted looking up inplay stats and opening various browsers and about to jump on something that stands out to find Betfair have SUSPENDED and a goal has been scored.

Opportunity gone, profits lost, back to the drawing board.

It’s happened to us all! Very frustrating indeed.

With this tool, however, you will spot instant opportunities in front of you on one page, using just one browser and manage to get on them to lock in profits as the goals fly in the net without the inconvenience of checking other sites in those seconds which can cost you lost £££.

The tool covers those important aspects of a match inplay. Stats include Shots On Target and Off Target, Corners, Possession, and Red Cards which form an integral part of an assessment on a game that you are trading. The Scanner updates all these statistics automatically as the game is played. Inplay. In real time.

The tool shows odds at Kick Off that will give you a comparison of the same market prices at any given time inplay. There are also Betfair graphs and much more.

Example 1

A trader might spot a game with 7 Shots On Target after 15 minutes.

He decides to Back Over 2.5 and 1-1.

Example 2

You see an underdog at home having 66% Possession, 4 Shots On Target, 3 Corners to nil.

You decide to put a small Back on them at odds of 3.5.

Members will also be able to set up the tool as they want to cover their own Strategies.

For example, when a game is 0-0 and the draw hits 2.0 a notification sound will notify the user that a game has reached that trigger allowing the trade to be put on instantly via the Betfair price showing on the Scanner tab. Others might choose to Back Over 2.5 when the price hits 3.0 or Back favourite when they are 1 down.

This tool is a must have addition to the armoury if you’re serious about making money on the betting exchanges. Successful trading is about making correct decisions. It is also about timing.

The Inplay Scanner will help you make those all important decisions and quickly, consequently increase your profit potential.

Here are a few glimpses of the software and what you can do with it….


Scanner Tutorial

Example Games

Fantastic stuff. We have been playing around with the software for the last few days and it is nothing short of genius.

Just had this in from the boys too…

We have now added 8 free sample trading tips to the help page within the Members area to give some of you a few ideas on what sort of strategies the tool can be used in conjunction with.

All of these have been used us over the months/years in our regular trading and do very well in general

So don’t delay, get InPlay Trading today….


Today’s Market Movers

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Check out the big movers of the day with the Market Movers section from Trading The Horses which lists the top steamers (horses being well backed) and top drifters (horses showing lack of support in the market) over the last 60 mins across the entire racecards of the day.

Just another great feature on the Trading The Horses the site and best of all it is free for everyone to use (no login required).

Just click below to see the latest live movers….


Introducing Trading The Horses

December 31, 2018 by  
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How would you like to profit before a race starts?

Before the horses have entered the stalls?

Before the horses even come out onto the track?

Our preracing trading tool can do exactly that on the trading exchanges like Betfair/Betdaq.

TTH is a horse racing markets model based on probability theory and statistics.

The software uses prices in win markets and calculates relevant prices in place markets thus allowing users to spot mispriced events and profit from trading them before the race has started.

For ease of use TTH calculates all races for the day automatically.

Our automated pages show prices on Betfair along with graphs and price movement indicators, links to stats and bookie prices.

Members will be able to capitalise and take advantage of misaligned prices in the win and place markets.

A live feed showing all the bookmakers prices that can be used for arbing purposes is also on hand.

Make 2016 the year you start Trading The Horses.

And right now you can have unlimited access to the site, the software, pick the brains of the fulltime professionals and much, much more for just £20.

For just some of the recent successes do check out the social feeds below….



Just click below for all the details on how to get involved…..


End Of Season Competition

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I am sure by now you have all seen or heard about the hottest new trading book to be released for ages, Betfair Trading Made Simple by Caan Berry.

This entry level book is designed to assist anybody that is interested in learning to trade on Betfair’s Exchange, regardless of ability or sport. Promoted by Betfair themselves, Caan explains all that you will need to consider as an aspiring exchange trader and it has become an instant Best Seller on Amazon in just a few days.

Obviously we are partial to the odd spot of trading here at Bet72 ourselves and we think the book is brilliant, so to spread the love a little wider we have 5 copies to give away for free.

As it is the final day of the Premier League season on Sunday 13th May, we have a very simple competition. Just email with how many goals you think will be scored in the last round of league fixtures. We just need an overall total, not individual scores and the 5 nearest will get a copy of the book. Of course only entries received BEFORE kick off at 3pm will be considered

In case we have more that 5 winners then as a tiebreaker just say which team and in what minute the first goal of the afternoon will be scored i.e. Man City, 9th minute and if we still have a tie after that then the winners will be selected via a random number draw, our decision is final, if you don’t like it we will send the boys round etc..etc..


All games kick off at 3:00pm and here are the fixtures in full:

Burnley v Bournemouth
Crystal Palace v West Brom
Huddersfield Town v Arsenal
Man Utd v Watford
Newcastle v Chelsea
Swansea v Stoke City
West Ham v Everton
Liverpool v Brighton
Tottenham v Leicester
Southampton v Man City

Remember just email with total number of goals, first team to score & the time of that goal BEFORE 3pm on Sunday 13th May.

And if you what to find out a little more about the prize from the author himself then just click below

Good luck and have a profitable weekend

All the best


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