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There’s not a lot you can buy for 99p today is there. Let’s face it you would be hard pushed to get a 99 Ice Cream for just under a quid. Yet for that princely sum you can get full access to the most essential piece of software for anyone who wishes to bet and/or on InPlay Football.

Yes we are delighted to announce that our exclusive deal for the access to the hottest new website on the block, has been extended until the end of the month. That is 99p, yes 9-9p, under a pound, for 10 days full and unrestricted access to the site, strategies, support and best of all their flagship software, the InPlay Scanner.

Latest Update From The Inplay Traders

For a limited time come & try the software for less than a quid.

Yes we have an EXCLUSIVE deal with the chaps over at InPlay Trading and you can now get 10 days unlimited access to the Scanner, Sample Strategies & all the other exclusive content on the inside for just 99p. This is not a misprint. Amazing value!

Then after you have had chance to have a good look round the ongoing monthly membership after that is just £29.99 (no doubt paid for from the previous 10 days of using the software already)

Please use this exclusive link to Join Here

We, at, are not ones to throw praise around lightly but honestly this software is an essential bit of kit for anyone looking to get involved with InPlay football.

You don’t have to be a trader to get the benefit either. Even if you are just thinking about one of Big Ray’s half time specials, how good would it be to have all the InPlay stats and information right at your fingertips before you decide to part with your cash you slaaag!

Such is the power of the tool that we have been able to turn that much maligned strategy, Lay The Draw, it into one of our most successful ones of the season so far, by being able to jump onto games where the draw is trading below 2.0 but there have been 5 or more Shots On Target and the sites unique “Pressure Indicator” to secure profit after profit.

Of course no strategy is going to be 100% but with the stats on your side and sensible bank management the only way is up and up with access to this site.

Take our most recent trading success on Monday in the Sociedad v Getafe La Liga match. At 65 mins still 0-0 but 5 Shots On Target and Getafe doing the pressing according to the indicator. We laid the Draw and also Under 1.5 goals meaning just one goal and we were in the green. Against the run of play the home side scored so we laid them in the Match Odds market and reduced our red in the U1.5 goals position so we had secured a profit but with more to play with if anything else occured. Then goal, goal by Getafe and it was jackpot time (see below)…..

That is 10 days trial access with over £45 left in change from just this one trade!

This would never have been a game we would have considered to get involved in, we just had the scanner running in the background looking for triggers (alerted by a handy ping) whilst watching the West Brom v Man United game, which ironically we never uncovered a decent entry point so we left it alone, again the power of the software.

For more information have a look at the site by clicking the link below and with a massive week of European and Domestic action to come, then for 99p this surely is a no brainer.


We are happy to help and offer any advice or ideas on how to best utilitise the trial period and beyond so please don’t be shy just drop us a line at anytime and please do email us with any of your green screens of joy whilst using the software too.

And it is no flash in the pan either, take a look at our weekend of trading….What A Weekend

*Please note we are using small staked here, no liabilities over £15 per game so the ROI is massive and shows you can get started on a small bank with minimal risk

The Italian Job


El Profits In Spain


No Greek Tragedy Here


Czech Mate. Profits From A Very Unlikely Source For Us


More Euros In The Bank


Vive La Scanner!


And there are more examples here and on our social media pages too (@bet72)

Look forward to seeing you on the inside



2 Comments on "All This For Under A Quid!"

  1. paul on Mon, 27th Oct 2014 5:40 pm 

    you must be the luckiest man alive …you never seem to lose ..ive traded over 10 games using your technique and others losing believe it or not all but one game losing over 100 pounds! …most games finishing 0-0..bad luck to say the least which goes to prove anything can happen ..the latest today sp lisbon v Oliveiren ..loads of shots on target layed U1.5 for 1.37 and layed draw when hit 1.87 after 60 odd minutes..finished 0-0..infact i may start backing 0-0 ..hopefully my luck will change ..

  2. Darren Hall on Wed, 29th Oct 2014 12:32 am 

    That does sound like a tough run indeed.

    My standard entry criteria is now 6 SOT. Draw 2 (min) – U1.5 1.28 (min) and the pressure indicator at least 40 to one side. Obviously we just need one goal for a winning trade so happy to wait for the scanner to tick all those boxes so the actual bet may be placed later than the usual 65 min mark.

    Sometimes if the SOT have already been reached I will put the positions into the market ready. Did it tonight with MK Dons / Sheffield United. Must have been right at the front of both bloody queues when MK Dons scored on 67 mins but never got matched. Grrrr… Finished 1-2 as well so would have been jackpot time as often throw in a lay of U2.5 goals too as that is so cheap as will be trading around 1.05 by then

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