13th November

November 13, 2008 by  
November 08

Like buses, three decent offers came my way in the space of 24 hours, me and Mrs B collected a £10 freebie each from PADDYPOWER, thanks to their games offer. Used our Top Trumps strategy there to collect the full tenner from each account, very nice. LADBROKES offered £25 of free chips in their casino if you wagered £200 on certain games, turned this... Read More...

9th November

November 9, 2008 by  
November 08

A few technical problems at Bet72 Towers and a weekend away has slowed me down profits wise but the month is young and so am I (well sort of) so still up for the £1K before the fat lady sings on November. Cashout out my 2 x free £5 bets at bet24 for £7.28 profit. Thursday means NHL day and the no lose offer from PARTYBETS and GAMEBOOKERS. I have... Read More...

5th November

November 5, 2008 by  
November 08

Still busy with Oddsmatcher related stuff, now we have the software of the century I need to get the thing marketed, we have some other sites interested in hosting it and also I am starting to look at a site for the software on it’s own too. So the last couple of days have been steady rather than spectacular, but it’s all free cash so I am not complaining! However... Read More...

3rd November

November 3, 2008 by  
November 08

Games, games, games today. Managed to squeeze £17 profit from 2 accounts from the PADDYPOWER games bonus offer. BETFAIR also offered me a free “spooky” £20 casino offer which I duly wagered out using CASIBOT on Blackjack for a very easy £19 profit. Fantastic piece of software this, if you have not seen it yet, have a read here, http://www.bet72.com/articles/23/1/The-Blackjack-Bot/Page1.html Just... Read More...

2nd November

November 2, 2008 by  
November 08

OK let’s get this bad boy started and I am determined to keep it uptodate this time, so if I start slacking please give me a nudge. Right down to business. Off to a flyer this month, with £54 profit from the fantastic SPORTINGINDEX “Beat the Keeper” games promo, details here. Collected £10 (£5 for me, £5 for Mrs Bet72) from the THE FOOTBALL... Read More...

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