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We are not sure it gets much better than this.

Not only does the fantastic In Play Trading offer unrivalled software tools, strategies & support but it’s owner & founder, Adster has released his own personal core filters that he uses on their flagship product, the In Play Scanner, to find his trades.

Yes you can setup the software to find potential games automatically following his blueprint and it will alert you via audio / email and now Telegram when a match fits the profile.

To say this is opportunity on a plate is somewhat of an understatement and when combined with the documented strategies within the site plus the shoutouts and sanity checks from fellow traders in the live chatroom, it is easy to see why we regard this service so highly. Even if you have never traded football before this is your chance to really hit the ground running…

Here are the current filters Adster is using himself along with an explanation of their latest strategy, the HTO (Half Time Overs) to show you the sort of thing to expect on the inside. This new strategy has been flying recently and is a perfect one to get you started even as a new trader.

Enjoy and hopefully see you on the inside…

Filter Settings (click to enlarge)

PI’s High & HTO

60s Lay & U1.5 Lay

First 30 Mins & GoalWatch

HTO Strategy Details (click to enlarge)

And if you want to see more of the software in action then head over to our media site, GreenUpTV where we have a full set of demonstration videos for the tool


Ready for some in play action then? Just click below….



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