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Some really exciting news coming out of Bet Angel towers recently with the launch of their brilliant new automation facility.

This is true hands off trading, just set, trigger and forget, excellent.

You can imagine we are very excited by these new developments as they offer some big opportunities when say combined with some of the proven profitable football trading strategies that we have over at our sister site This could be huge, so watch this space and grab a copy of the software and the strategies so you are all ready to go.

To give you a flavour of the sort of thing we mean then take a look at Mr. BetAngel, laying the draw on autopilot (and you will then see why we are so excited by all this)

Champions league & Bet Angel automation – Trading the draw

New automation features available in Bet Angel

Whether you are looking to scalp the market, catch larger trading swings, take speculative positions, be the bookmaker, dutch the market, create your own strategies and templates in Microsoft Excel or maybe even build a fully automated trading bot; Bet Angel can deliver the tools for all your needs.

This is what others have been saying about it…….

“I have now stumbled across the ‘Rolls Royce’ in trading programs. The program is Bet Angel… It has absolutely everything you could think of to assist anyone in trading the markets, from a novice to a pro.”

“With so many bots & methods for using the exchanges these days it can be a problem to find what is best for your needs. Bet Angel, by some miracle, manages to cover nearly every possible angle you may need to cover… Customer support is excellent, and the software is extremely well priced. This is the bot I use the most, and I do not see that changing any time soon…. Just buy it!”

“I am very impressed with your approach to always trying to improve the software and I feel the changes are made with thought as opposed to just a pointless visual change. I don’t know much about the people behind Bet Angel Pro but it feels as if it is people who trade or at least understand what people want. Too many companies just try to cash in with poor products.”

“I took your offer of a trial for Bet Angel Pro, and WOW. This is a traders dream come true, so many features, and all of them so useful in many different situations. You have me as a lifetime member, I dont even have to wait for the 20 day trial to finish, this is the one for me! Thank you so much for your superb efforts in making Bet Angel Pro the very best tool a trader could ever wish for, I look forward to a long and very fruitful relationship. I would recommend Bet Angel Pro to anyone who is serious about trading”

Great stuff and to help you see all these features and much, much more from yourself for FREE, bet72 have teamed up with BetAngel to give you 7 days free access to the full professional version of Betangel or you can take the first month for just £15, wow!

Breaking news – We have teamed up with BetAngel to give you 7 days free access to the full professional version of Betangel. Just click below for more details….

And here’s a selection of Peter’s Own Videos

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It’s A Peter Webb-inar

September 24, 2012 by  
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Fancy spending an hour or so with Peter Webb, one of the UK’s top betting exchange traders and owner of the acclaimed trading platform Bet Angel.

Well Peter is opening his doors for a Q&A session this Tuesday 25th September starting at 7pm.

A great chance sit down with one of Betfair’s very first client’s way back in June 2000 who is still a very active trader today, turning over millions of pounds on the sports markets each year.

Naturally places are limited so to grab your place, just click below and sign up for the Bet Angel Newsletter which contains the full joining details for the event.

Bet Angel - The most effective tool for Betfair

We have also teamed up with BetAngel to give you 7 days free access to the full professional version of Betangel. Just click below for more details and select Try Now

And to give you a little taster here’s a selection of some of Peter’s recent videos

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Automate your trading using Bet Angel

March 19, 2011 by  
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Following on from our recent feature on automated trading, Peter Webb from Bet Angel has provide an excellent starter pack of ideas for anyone keen to explore this very interesting aspect of trading.

Take it away PW……..

There are lots and lots of features within Bet Angel, but one you should definitely explore is the ability to link to a spreadsheet.

While it may seem a little daunting for beginners it’s actually not that difficult to quite easily achieve some really useful things using the spreadsheet link. There are already a large number of Bet Angel users using this facility. So if you don’t use it at the moment, it’s worth checking out.

Bet Angel customers use the spreadsheet link to: –

* Get better entry points into to a market
* Ensure an exit (I.e. improve your discipline)
* Create a new trading tool or interface
* Custom create technical indicators / charts
* Automatically trade alternative markets
* Completely automate their trading
* Trade even if you are not at your PC

You can also run Bet Angel via a VPS which will allow you to access and run a fully automated spreadsheet based trading strategy from any internet enabled device, anywhere in the world. It opens up a whole new world of opportunity.

Bet Angel already comes with three spreadsheet templates, including one which allows you to custom plot your own charts and technical indicators. The spreadsheet functionality also includes a unique scripting language that allows you to pass commands such as offsetting and greening via the spreadsheet through Bet Angel back to Betfair. You can quite easily create some clever little spreadsheets.

We recently published a simple spreadsheet to demonstrate some key features and one Bet Angel user took that and modified it to great effect. This gave us a really neat automated trading tool that you can download and use ‘out of the box’. We put it on the forum for all users to have access.

Here are some videos we have prepared, so that you can learn how use the spreadsheet link. The spreadsheet I have mentioned is on the last on this first set of videos.

How to link to a spreadsheet

Creating your own charting & technical indicators

Automatically exit at the off

Create your own Betfair trading bot

Full automated trading on Betfair

You should also learn about Bet Angel Guardian which allows you to nominate and automatically switch markets. Using Guardian in conjunction with the spreadsheet link allows you to fully automate a days trading. You can also link multiple markets to multiple spreadsheets in one workbook to pursue more complex betting or arbitrage opportunities.

Bet Angel Guardian

Part 1/3

Part 2/3

Part 3/3 Linking to spreadsheets & auto switching markets

Using the ability to link to a spreadsheet can increase your ability to trade effectively and can also uncover new ideas. If discipline is a problem, a spreadsheet can stop you from going in running! Even if you can’t be at your PC, you can make it trade for you and this allows you to try concepts and trade alternative markets while you work on your core markets, or even trade fully automatically all day / or night! Be careful though, if you are going for full automation. Make sure you thoroughly test things with minimum stakes before unleashing your creation!

The sky really is the limit with spreadsheet integration and if you want to get to an even higher level you might even consider some VBA programming. But even if that isn’t the level you want to get to, the spreadsheet link in Bet Angel can clearly help you in one form or another.

Some of my best idea’s and concepts were generated on a spreadsheet first. So I’d definitely recommend getting some use from this powerful feature.

Great stuff Peter and to help you see all these features and much, much more from yourself for FREE bet72 have teamed up with BetAngel to give you 7 days free access to the full professional version of Betangel, or you can take the first month for just £15, wow!

Just click below for more details….

Trading On Auto Pilot

December 31, 2010 by  
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It doesn’t get any better than this, fully automated hands off trading. Fire up the PC after breakfast, go out for the day and return home to a bulging Betfair account!

Well ok you do need a decent strategy or two to go with this but it is perfectly possible to get your computer to do all the trading for you.

Here we see Peter Webb demonstrating BetAngel on AutoPilot using a simple spreadheet linked into the software, certainly opens up a whole world of possibilities and one which we will be testing out at bet72, so watch this space for developments.

Creating your own Betfair trading bot

Automated trading on Betfair

To see more of Peter in action then check out our feature on his software Betangel here

BetAngel on an iPad

June 17, 2010 by  
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Just had this on from Peter Webb over at BetAngel, how good does this look.

Over to you PW….

The iPad was formally launched today in the UK so I went into town stood in line for an hour and was the third person in the area to boost Steve Job’s net worth.

I love all sorts of gadgets so couldn’t resist having a look at the iPad and the first thing I did was connect to the VPS server and have a play on Bet Angel.

Take a look below…..

Quite tempted myself after seeing that, so I can see where my first £500 of risk free World Cup profits will be going!

And if this has whetted your appetite to have a little play with BetAngel itself then they have a fantastic half price offer on at the moment, where you can get a whole month’s access for just £15. Now that fits in rather well with a certain little football tournament in South Africa doesn’t it. As don’t forget their dedicate football trading software, Soccer Mystic, is now FREE with all Bet Angel Professional for Betfair purchases.

Click below to grab yours….

I Cannot Lose Even When I Try

April 5, 2010 by  
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Some people can do no wrong (even when they are trying to).

Take Master Trader, Peter Webb. Here he is recording a few screens on how you could get into a loss situation trading the horses on Betfair then up pops a profit opportunity which he duly jumps on and turns those red screens to green.

Trading is all about finding the window of opportunity and this video shows that perfectly. Maybe I should put up one of mine of how to turn a Green screen to Red, not quite as impressive some how!

Also here is a great “intro to trading” video, again from Peter….

To see more of Peter in action then check out our feature on his software Betangel here

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