BetAngel on an iPad

Posted on June 17, 2010 by  

Just had this on from Peter Webb over at BetAngel, how good does this look.

Over to you PW….

The iPad was formally launched today in the UK so I went into town stood in line for an hour and was the third person in the area to boost Steve Job’s net worth.

I love all sorts of gadgets so couldn’t resist having a look at the iPad and the first thing I did was connect to the VPS server and have a play on Bet Angel.

Take a look below…..

Quite tempted myself after seeing that, so I can see where my first £500 of risk free World Cup profits will be going!

And if this has whetted your appetite to have a little play with BetAngel itself then they have a fantastic half price offer on at the moment, where you can get a whole month’s access for just £15. Now that fits in rather well with a certain little football tournament in South Africa doesn’t it. As don’t forget their dedicate football trading software, Soccer Mystic, is now FREE with all Bet Angel Professional for Betfair purchases.

Click below to grab yours….


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