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Bet72 caught up with the brains behind Geegeez Gold, Matt Bisogno and asked him for the low down on the site, the service and this amazing 30 day free trial offer.

Geegeez Gold FAQ

If you’re not yet a Gold subscribe – or on a trial – you’ll find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below. I hope they help you make a decision because time is running out fast.

Right, here goes…

What exactly is Geegeez Gold?

Gold is a collection of tools, tips and race cards designed to suit horse racing and betting fans of all levels of experience. 

Its flagship tipping service Stat of the Day is over 250 points up since inception (and selected a nice 4/1 winner for Gold subscribers yesterday).

Stat of the Day is well supported by Double Dutch (two winning days in a row, and just broken through the 100 points profit barrier); and The Shortlist, which is a value-finding report available each day. 

The feature-rich Gold racecards; incisive winner-finding reports; and tools like Pace Analysis and Instant Expert are arming punters with more information than ever before, and doing it in a really simple to digest way.

For more information on what’s included in Gold, have a flick through the User Guide, which can be found here:

How do I register? 

Go to

If you don’t yet have a Geegeez account (i.e. you haven’t registered on the site), select the New User button on that page.

If you’re already a Geegeez free subscriber, select the Upgrade button.

I don’t have much time/experience/inclination. Is Gold for me

Only you can answer whether Gold is for you, and the way to do that is to try it out. What I can tell you is that there is something for everyone:

for the time poor, or the novice, start with the profitable tips, and The Shortlist report, and go from there to the Instant Expert grid

for those with a bit more time/experience, check out the other reports, as well as Pace Analysis and Full Form Filters – these are industry-leading form tools.

I’m currently using Racing Post / Timeform / At The Races / Sporting Life cards. What’s so great about Gold compared to those?

Without meaning to sound rude to those established names, their development has been rather slow, and their owners are somewhat complacent. Geegeez Gold has THE BEST racecards in Britain, bar none. I don’t expect you to believe me, that’s why I’ve offered you three weeks to see that for yourself.

Our range of information, all presented in a really easy to use fashion, is miles ahead of some of those ‘brand names’, and furlongs ahead of all of them.

For example, you’ll not find colour-coded form profiling anywhere else. You’ll not find easy to understand pace maps on any of those sites. You’ll not be able to quickly and easily drill down into the heart of a horse’s relevant form anywhere else.

Gold is different. Gold is better. Much better.

Try it for yourself:


What if I don’t like Gold, or can’t get on with it?

No problem. Despite everything, we know that Gold won’t suit all types of bettor. Although we have pulled together an envious collection of tips, tools, racecards and reports that make money – and are time proven to do so – it might not be for you.

In that case, no problem, just cancel your subscription, and that will be that. Oh, and thanks a million for taking time to try Gold out

Why do you ask for my payment details if it’s a free trial?

A good, and perfectly fair, question. We do take payment details at the outset, and you will be auto-billed after three weeks if you wish to stay on board. However, if you don’t wish to continue, and/or you simply forgot to cancel, that’s not a problem. Just drop us a line and we’ll refund your payment and cancel your subscription. It does happen from time to time, and it’s never a drama. 🙂

My question hasn’t been answered above. What now

No problem. Drop me a line at and I’ll be happy to answer any further questions you have.

Click here to get started today:

Thanks again for taking time to consider Geegeez Gold, and I’m glad at the very least that you’ve now heard of it. Because I think it’s something you’re going to hear a lot more about as the year goes on.

Best Regards,


The Handicapping Process: An Approach

July 5, 2016 by  
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Friend of Bet72, Matt Bisogno, he of GeeGeez fame has just posted an excellent in depth article into the Handicapping Process in Horse Racing and how it can be used to find winners in races.

Matt’s content is always of the highest order and this latest piece is a very good review of the whole handicap system and how one can use it find “value” in the markets

Just click below to access the article….

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 00.08.11

Gee Geez Gold Free For All

February 10, 2015 by  
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Want to give yourself the edge in the Horse Racing markets?

Want 3 weeks, free unlimited access to a proven way to find value bets, time and again, in minutes?

Want access to a service that tipped up 162 points profits in 2014?


Well it’s a good job that Bet72 have teamed up with Mr Horse Racing himself, Matt Bisogno, to give everyone the opportunity to try out his Premium Racing Service, GeeGeez Gold, for free for 3 weeks then. The offer is an extended THREE WEEK trial of the full Geegeez Gold service which is normally ten days.

Just sign up before midnight on the 18th February and get 21 days free access to this little lot….

Instant Expert Race Profiling – Visualize the relevant form for a whole race in, literally, seconds.

X-Ray Vision Pace Reports – See how a race will be run before it’s been run with ‘x-ray vision’ insights.

Full Form Filters – Scrutinize just the relevant form for any horse, trainer or jockey against the factors that are important to you.

Trainer / Jockey Form Reports – Four different form reports for trainers, jockeys, and combinations of both.

Complete Training Library – Full video tutorials and manuals for every Geegeez Gold tool, available from your ‘My Geegeez’ page.

Fully Featured Tracker Service – Track horses, trainers and jockeys at the overnight or the 5 Day stage. And add notes to your tracked horses.

Profitable ‘Done For You’ Tips – TWO proven daily winning tip services, based on Geegeez Gold data.

Form and Breeding Commentary – Full runner-by-runner comments on form and breeding.

Try Geegeez Gold FREE For 21 Days – Try all of these brilliant tools 100% FREE for 21 days & if you’re not excited by the profit potential of Geegeez Gold, simply cancel your subscription and you’ll never be charged. Ever. You have absolutely nothing to lose….

Building Your Own Betting Systems

July 2, 2011 by  
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Good friend of bet72 and self confessed horse racing system nut, Matt Bisogno, has just released an excellent snapshot into the world of creating your own systems. As he puts it “the best betting betting system… is the one you made”.

Matt’s latest ‘how to’ video features some of his students from one of his training workshops, working together on building their own betting systems. All good stuff and something we will be featuring much more on bet72 in the coming weeks.

This is over an hour of top class video content, so grab a pot of coffee, sit back and watch how you can use the freely available building blocks at your disposal to start to construct your own, and potentially highly saleable, systems….

To find out more about Matt, his services and ideas then head over to or you can follow him on Twitter – @MattBisogno

Straight From The Horses Mouth

October 19, 2009 by  
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I’ve just had a very interesting chat with Matt Bisogno. You probably know Matt from his excellent site,

Well, I’m not entirely sure what he’s up to, but today he’s giving away one of his best betting systems completely gratis to anyone who wants it. And this system has found loads of massive priced winners over the jumps, including 66/1 (TWICE!), and 50/1 (TWICE!).

And he’s now put up a link for you to download it for free and with the jumps season just up and running it has got to be worth a look.

Head on over here to secure your copy:

Horse Racing Experts

There really is no catch. Just go to the page, and download the system. Plus Matt will then also give you access to some of his other systems and videos with a very big announcement coming later this week too, all rather exciting I would say.

£48,886 From A £22 Bet

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You probably know by now that Matt Bisogno is launching a brand new betting service for the flat season, which starts this Saturday. And to get you in the mood, he’s giving away all sorts of goodies, including what I think is the best yet, when you click the link below, and tell him where to send the stuff:

Flat Racing Profiles

There’s now FOUR manuals on that page (worth £147), and I’d encourage you to take advantage of Matt’s generosity now, look at what he is giving away….

– Horse Racing Profiles (25 pages)
– Trainer Track Stats 2008/2009 (71 pages)
– All-Weather Draw Effects Report (36 pages)
– Horse Profiles for the NH and AW 2008/2009 (122 pages)

Also check out the video below, showing how a customer of Matt’s won over £48,000 using his stuff last weekend. And he only bet £22!

See for yourself:

Flat Racing Profiles

The Great Horse Racing Give Away

March 17, 2009 by  
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You have probably heard of Matt Bisogno, he of Trainer Track Stats fame. Well Matt preparing to launch this years guide to the flat season and has come up with something very, very special. Today Matt has announced what could be the most successful betting giveaway in history. Seriously don’t miss this.

Click Here to hear from Matt and download the first of your free guides……

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