£48,886 From A £22 Bet

Posted on March 24, 2009 by  

You probably know by now that Matt Bisogno is launching a brand new betting service for the flat season, which starts this Saturday. And to get you in the mood, he’s giving away all sorts of goodies, including what I think is the best yet, when you click the link below, and tell him where to send the stuff:

Flat Racing Profiles

There’s now FOUR manuals on that page (worth £147), and I’d encourage you to take advantage of Matt’s generosity now, look at what he is giving away….

– Horse Racing Profiles (25 pages)
– Trainer Track Stats 2008/2009 (71 pages)
– All-Weather Draw Effects Report (36 pages)
– Horse Profiles for the NH and AW 2008/2009 (122 pages)

Also check out the video below, showing how a customer of Matt’s won over £48,000 using his stuff last weekend. And he only bet £22!

See for yourself:

Flat Racing Profiles


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