Building Your Own Betting Systems

Posted on July 2, 2011 by  

Good friend of bet72 and self confessed horse racing system nut, Matt Bisogno, has just released an excellent snapshot into the world of creating your own systems. As he puts it “the best betting betting system… is the one you made”.

Matt’s latest ‘how to’ video features some of his students from one of his training workshops, working together on building their own betting systems. All good stuff and something we will be featuring much more on bet72 in the coming weeks.

This is over an hour of top class video content, so grab a pot of coffee, sit back and watch how you can use the freely available building blocks at your disposal to start to construct your own, and potentially highly saleable, systems….

To find out more about Matt, his services and ideas then head over to or you can follow him on Twitter – @MattBisogno


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