The Draw Inflation Challenge

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OK it is always good to one’s money where one’s mouth is. And as people have been asking me lots of questions about the fantastic new Draw Inflation Tool (featured here) and whether it really works. I thought I would set myself a little challenge and see if we can raise a few extra quid for the London Marathon charity pot (that is featured here) at the same time too.

So whenever I can I will follow the DI tool and look to trade opportunities it flags ups. This will be for very small and looking for just 1 or 2 ticks movement to leverage a profit with the idea to build a slow and steady profit over the next month to add as a donation to my fund.

And also to show that you don’t need massive resources to generate a decent little extra (and tax free) income.

The premise will be I get an alert for an opportunity, I fire the trades in with a one tick offset once matched, if we are not matched before the % moves then we remove the trades and look for the next one.

Of course I cannot follow this 24/7 and I will miss trades so this will be just get on when I can around the other stuff I am doing and will be entirely separate from all the other trading / risk free activities I undertake. But even say an average of £5 a day for the next 30 days is an extra £150 so is not to be sniffed at.

OK here we go then….. (for now I will just list the daily amounts but will look to put up some more detail and videos as we progress)

Day One – 20/03/12 – 3 trades – +£5.20
Day Two – 21/03/12 – 4 trades – +£4.15
Day Three – 22/03/12 – 1 trade – +£3.52
Day Four – 23/03/12 – 2 trades – +£2.94
Day Five – 24/03/12 – 5 trades – +£4.33
Day Six – 25/03/12 – No trading today
Day Seven – 26/03/12 – 2 trades – +£4.65
Day Eight – 27/03/12 – 2 trades – +£3.27
Day Nine – 28/03/12 – 1 trade – +£2.67
Day Ten – 29/03/12 – 1 trade – +£3.13
Day Eleven – 30/03/12 – 1 trade – +£2.81
Day Twelve – 31/03/12 – 1 trade – +£1.98
Day Thirteen – 01/04/12 – 2 trades – +£3.11
Day Fourteen – 02/04/12 – No trading today
Day Fifteen – 03/04/12 – 1 trade – +£3.02
Day Sixteen – 04/04/12 – 2 trades – +£2.79
Day Seventeen – 05/04/12 – 2 trades – +£3.51

Running Total : +£51.06

To find out more and how to get the new DI tool for FREE just click below…….


YouWin, They Win

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Everyone’s a winner thanks to bookmaker YOUWIN

They responded to my plead for bookmaking sponsors for my London Marathon 2012 fundraising effort with a lovely free €50 (£41ish) bet.

Once again we dispatched this risk free on some Thursday night Spanish football (come on I wasn’t going to risk a free charity bet was I)

And this converted to a very nice £38 added to the pot and all courtesy of YOUWIN. So a massive thanks to them (especially Elaine) for sorting this all out, it really will make a difference to SeeAbility who we are supporting for this years event.

Full details on the latest fundraising and also on how you can get involved too just click here –

And if you want to know more about our great sponsors and their even better offers then just click below (I am sure You’ll Win!)

Bravo Betfair

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It is not that often that people have a good word to say about the dear old Bookmaker / Betting Organisations but here at we would like to warmly applaud the Betting Exchange companyBetfair who have made a fantastic gesture to our fundraising effort.

After firing off an email to a number of our affiliate managers, Phil Hudson, head of the affiliate team at Betfair responded with the offer of a free £100 bet for me to use to boost the pot for my London Marathon 2012 fundraising effort.

A free £100 stake returned bet, wow, very generous.

This said bet was dispatched over last weeks Cheltenham festival, where I managed to use it to lay off a very nice 14% arb I found well come on I wasn’t going to risk a free charity bet was I !

So a very nice £114 added to the pot and all courtesy of Betfair. Gives one a warm glowing feeling inside!

Many, many thanks Betfair and this act of generosity will help make a real difference to our wonderful charity, SeeAbility whom we are supporting for this years event.

Full details on how you can get involved too are right here –

Anyway you too can enjoy the whole Betfair experience for yourself and If not, then you can bag a free £25 sign up bet too. Of course we have it all covered in Oddsmatcher so finding a match to lock in more risk free profits could not be easier.

Just click below to get started…..

Geeks Toy Children In Need 2011 Fundraiser

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If there is one thing everyone should do this weekend it is to get across to Geek’s Toy site as they are holding another one of their, now legendary, charity fundraisers until 10PM on Sunday. This time it is all for the BBC Children in Need appeal.

There are prize draws and auctions for copies of some of the hottest systems and services out there today plus some cold hard cash, signed merchandise and much, much more.

So please take time out to support this wonderful event and help the fundraising effort.

Full details can be found here……

Geeks Toy Children In Need 2011

Children In Need

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Well it is that time of year again, when people do the “craziest” things all for a good cause, Children In Need.

But if the idea of sitting in bath full of cold baked beans or going to office dressed as a parrot (sorry don’t know where that came from) doesn’t appeal to you then there is an easier way to support this fantastic charity, just sign up to our brilliant sister site, Betting System Notes

Yes from every sale between now and the end of November, we will donate £10 to their great fundraising effort.

So if you want to purchase the hottest trading / systems product on the internet today complete with 13 proven profitable strategies, our famous Marketmatcher software, professional hints, tips and profit making ideas and do some good at the same time then just click the link below:

Breaking News: Look out for the latest revision of the best trading strategy on the market, the Homer, which is coming free & exclusively to all our members in time for the weekend. So with all that and the good cause involved we would say this is a no brainer. You know what to do!

So don’t delay, get over to now….

Thanks in advance and hope to see you on the inside very soon.

Let’s raise as much as we can!

Welcome to The Real Trader Charity Challenge

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Fancy seeing inside some profitable traders Betfair accounts?

Well now you can and help support a fantastic fundraising gesture from the guys over at GeeksToy (the free betfair software).

The Geek is offering up £2K, yes £2000, in return for proven profitable traders to let us have a sneaky peek inside their account activity. As if that wasn’t enough, half of the money goes to my Charity Run pot (wow what a result!).

Breaking News…..

Join in with the Real Traders Charity Challenge & get free lifetime access to Betting System Notes – Read More Here

This is absolutely superb and I urge everyone to support the site by taking a look at “The Real Trader” charity challenge. Over to The Geek to explain some more….

Welcome to “The Real Trader” charity challenge.

In this challenge to a maximum of £2000, I will be offering £150 each up to charity for those consistent winners that provide either a video of their 3 month Betfair P&L, or their 3 month P&L plus their lifetime P&L via the premium portal. Any money raised will be split 50:50 between Darren Hall’s latest charity run, and the Children in Need fundraiser planned for November.

Here’s all the details about the challenge

And here are the postings so far….

Come and See The Traders Accounts

Like I say this is an absolutely fantastic gesture from the site and we cannot thank them enough for this, it really will make a massive difference to the fundraising effort.

So please do take time out to visit the site and give this challenge the support it deserves.

If you haven’t come across the software before then you are in for a treat. The Toy is a premium betting and trading application for Betfair, the world’s leading betting exchange. It is one of the highest performing, most user friendly, flexible and customisable applications in the marketplace today. It introduces many previously unseen features to boost your performance and productivity whilst trading. Best of all, it’s completely free to use. Not a free trial, not free limited functionality, but 100% FREE.

Here’s a couple of videos showing a basic introduction to this great bit of software….

So to grab yourself a copy of the free trading platform it’s all on the homepage head for the bright, shiny download button and start trading, for FREE, today and start playing with a risk free bank.

Here is a little taster of the software in action, for their latest video portfolio (the full set is coming soon to bet72)

Run Again Fat Boy Run

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Yes it is that time of year again when I receive my phone call from the Head Coach of Team GB needing some inspiration to boost British Athletics in this country.

So before I can join up with the squad I will need to get a few events under my belt so I am starting with the Manchester 10K in er, well, Manchester on 15th May, well as long as I can find my trainers that is!

No seriously I have been doing some proper training this time and really looking forward to taking part in this wonderful event, and once again, I am delighted to be running for Rainbow Trust. A fantastic charity that provides support to families who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness. This year Rainbow Trust celebrates its 25th anniversary yet relies almost entirely on voluntary donations.

So once again I am on the lookout for some cold hard cash for charity. So dear reader how can you get involved, well in one of three ways actually.

First just make a straight donation the page here…..

Any amount at all would be fantastic, honesty, anything. It really will make a difference to the this marvellous charity. Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your details are safe with JustGiving – they’ll never sell them on or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to the charity and make sure Gift Aid is reclaimed on every eligible donation by a UK taxpayer. So it’s the most efficient way to donate – I raise more, whilst saving time and cutting costs for the charity.

Or option two

From every sale of our fantastic online trading / system database system, Betting System Notes, between now and the end of May, we will donate £10 to the fundraising total. So if you want to purchase the hottest trading / systems product on the internet today complete with 13 proven profitable strategies and do some good at the same time then goto

Oh yeah, it even comes with a bonus system which will make you £10 instant risk free profit as soon as you login too, how good is that!

Or finally

You can email me, with a list of the bookmakers you have used so far and I can find you an offer to do for instant risk free profit. The idea being that if I can help make you a few extra quid then you can then decide how much of that lovely free cash you wish to donate to the charity pot. So you can do get involved AND make a profit at the same time, how’s that for a no brainer.

In the words of Mr. Derrick Trotter, lovely jubby, everyone’s a winner!

Of course you can be really greedy and do all 3 if you like, I don’t mind honestly.

Like I say every single penny does count and I will reward you all with some pictures of me crawling over the finishing line in various states of discomfort!

Thanks in advance and please forward this page onto everyone you know!


A Non Stop Season of Premiership Football

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On September 3rd-5th, football history will be made when two amateur football teams will play continuously for 57 hours in order to set a new world record. The total match time is the equivalent to playing a full, 38 game Premiership season continuously and will break the existing record by nearly fifteen hours.


They’ve done it!

57 hours of football, 115 kilometers ran, 1000 bottles of gatorade consumed, two hours of sleep, one world record broken.

Bet72 are delighted to sponsor and support the boys in their effort to raise £10K and we will be blogging our way through all the free bet offers and bonuses for September to rasie as much as we can for this fantastic cause.


After seeing their previous held record of 36 hours overhauled, the players are returning to shatter the record, determined to restore some pride to English football by bringing the world record home.

The match at the University of Warwick will run from 11am on Friday, September 3, until 8pm on Sunday, September 5. It will smash the previous world record, which currently stands at 42 hours and 5 minutes, set in Qatar in May this year.

Here is how it was done by the boys in 2009

The match is being played between the Leeds Badgers and the Warwick Wolves from the University of Warwick in order to raise money for the Meningitis Trust and is being supported by Trust Ambassador, ex-Liverpool and Wales star Ian Rush, who contracted the disease as a child.

Rush, who scored over 200 goals for Liverpool and 28 for Wales, contracted the disease aged five and spent four weeks in an oxygen tent before thankfully surviving with no lasting after-effects.

The money is being raised in memory of Jamie Burdett, who played for the Badgers team and died from meningitis three years ago. The event follows on from the 36 hour match played last year, which raised over £5,000 for the charity.

Ian Rush, says; “What the two teams are doing is a fantastic achievement for English football and also the Meningitis Trust. I am so proud of what they guys are doing, raising awareness of this awful disease but also raising vital funds to help the Trust to continue its much needed work.

Ian continues; “I am urging everyone to dig deep into their pockets and to donate to this worthwhile cause, the guys are putting football and meningitis on the map, they are inspirations to us all!”

The 36 players (18 per squad) will each have to play around 29 hours in order to beat the record, which will be watched and scrutinised by a dedicated team of timekeepers. During the match players are allowed only a five minute break each hour, will play in each of the eleven positions, and will not be allowed to leave the pitch side for the entire duration.

Simon Lynes, organiser of the event, says; “The 36 hour event last year was tough but we raised a lot of money for the charity and it was frustrating to see our record get broken so quickly. We are a year wiser now, we’ve been training hard and I think people will struggle to beat this one! We are aiming to raise £10,000 for a great cause in memory of a good friend”.

Matthew Clarke, Community Development Coordinator for the Meningitis Trust, commented, “We are completely reliant on voluntary donations to continue our work and for people to raise awareness of the disease so something like this is vital to our future. This group is doing a fantastic job to help us make a difference to other people’s lives and it is wonderful to have Ian Rush supporting them”.

The Meningitis Trust provides the largest range of professional services and community based support for people affected by meningitis in the UK. The Trust offers practical, emotional and financial support to anyone struggling to cope with the impact of the disease, through a range of professional services.

The Trust helps around 20,000 people each year through its range of specialist support services, but it can’t do this alone. With as many as 500,000 people living in the UK who have had either viral or bacterial meningitis and up to one adult in every four knowing of someone who has had meningitis, the charity’s ongoing work is much-needed.

Bet72 are delighted to sponsor the event for such a fantastic cause and if you would like to make a donation yourself then pop along to

Or for more information, go to or to find out about meningitis and the support which is available to anyone please visit

You can also donate by text by texting FOOTBALL to 70003. Text Costs £3 plus network charge. The Meningitis Trust receives at least £2.61. Obtain bill payers permission. Customer care 08448479800. Charity No 803016.

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