It’s Not All Football, Football, Football

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Despite the name, Trading Football, the boys over at the site certainly have more than one string to their bow.

Besides the best football trading advice on the planet, the lads will throw in ideas on a whole range of trading ideas, including their latest creation The Nag’s Room, which is making daily profits on the horses too which is available to full members & trialists 7 days a week.

During the winter months trading was just covered in the afternoons but now this has been be extended to take in evening trading during the spring & summer (as long as the bloody rain stops!)

Here’s a taster…..

And how about this, you can get your first month’s entry to their fantastic membership service including full access to the aforementioned Nags Room, for just £15, yes 1-5!

Just look at what you get….

We have said it before but this is the no brainer of 2012, so what are you waiting for, come and take a look….

Come & Trade The Cup Final For Free

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The best things in life are free (as somebody once sung). And we like to think that here are bet72 we follow that ethos to the max.

So when we saw that the boys over at Trading Football had continued their fantastic 14 day FREE trial of their fantastic membership service we just had to tell everyone about it.


I’ll be in the Green Room along with the boys later for the Chelsea / Liverpool cup so why not join us for an educational afternoon, plenty of trading banter and to make a few quid at the same time too.

And just look at what you get for, well, er, nothing!

They have even thrown in 3 free strategy videos and now access to their brand new Nag’s Room which is making daily profits on the horse’s too.

This could be the no brainer of 2012, as for the price of £0.00 what have you got to lose.

Here’s a quick example of what the boys do best, education.

Video content and educational tools are what the guys are all about. Each video and strategy is a careful step by step explanation each scenario, with entry and exit points and invaluable tips & pointers as each trade unfolds.

It is like having a professional trader, right there, in the room with you. In fact pop into the live chat rooms and you will, dozens of them!

What are you waiting for, come on take the trial today…

free trial

Trading Football Trading Diary

March 1, 2012 by  
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Have been getting loads of interest (and great feedback too) regarding the Trading Football free 14 day trial (see here for more details). And rightly so, the boys have been on fire in 2012. On both the football and horse racing front.

To give you a flavor of what you can expect we are delighted to say that we have permission to give you a daily round up of their previous day’s trades. This is normally for members-only but we hope it will give you a taster of what these chaps are all about.

Thurs 1st March Roundup


Yet another example of a prematch judgment that was wrong…….but how we managed to turn an adverse position into a profitable one.


BACK VENEZUELA +2.0/+2.5 on Asian Handicap £25
BACK 4-0 £5

The trade meant that we didn`t want Spain to win by 3 goals or more but we took some cover by backing 4-0 @ 11.0.
Additional cover to be taken was envisaged during the 1st half should Spain start banging in early goals

35mins: BACK 2-0 Half Time Score market £3 @ 8.0
55mins: BACK 3-0 £2 @ 6.60
BACK 5-0 £3 @ 8.0
70mins BACK OVER 5.5 goals £10 @ 2.50
75mins: LAY 4-0 £15 @ 2.50
85mins: BACK 4-1 £2 @ 30.0

Final score: 5-0

Trade: £11 profit (30% ROI)

Like what you see? Come on take the FREE trial today…

free trial

A Lovely Day

February 26, 2012 by  
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Well done to all the bet72ers who heeded our advice and jumped in on the 14 day free trial over at Trading Football

What a first day / night that was. The goals were flying in and the green screens were everywhere, as the boys round up of the night shows:

In fact it is fair to say it was a Lovely Day for everyone!

So don’t miss out on another day like this, come on take the trial today…

free trial

How’s That For A Free Weekends Trading

May 16, 2011 by  
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Not a bad weekend for the traders over at Trading Football

6 recommended trades giving 5 winners and one scratch (no win / no loss) leading to a massive £150 profit to recommended stakes.

Here’s some views for the weekend chat room…..

So in theory you could have signed up for their current 5 for 4 right offer. Had 5 months membership in the bag and still have £50+ left to trade the next load of games after just one weekend. You really cannot say fairer than that.

To find out more and be part of the green crowd, just click below….

Trading Your Way Out Of Trouble

April 30, 2011 by  
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Another awesome football trading video hot off the press is the latest video from the Trading Football boys.

And once again we see the master at work, Bingo Little, as he utilises multiple markets on Betfair to turn a potentially nasty looking losing trade into a nice profitable one.

This will give you a flavour of what is included, media wise, on the inside of the site of our latest site…..

Not heard of it, where have you been……this will give you a taster…..

And all this is backed up by some great video content too. For example each video (we are into double figures with the now), is of premium quality with careful step by step explanation of the strategy scenario, entry and exit points and invaluable tips & pointers as each trade unfolds.

It is like having a professional trader, right there, in the room with you.

So for now just settle back and watch/listen to Bingo Little doing what he does best….

Kindly provided by Trading Football

Green is the colour. Football is the game.

April 20, 2011 by  
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Let us take you on a journey, from email to profit, in about an hour.

At 10:25am on 19th April we received a price alert email from our trading partners over at Trading Football concerning the 0-3 scoreline in the Newcastle v Man United match later that day.

The trade was on and just over an hour later we were sat on £360 risk free profit on that scoreline, wow!

Want to see how this was done, then let the story unfold below…..

For the record we greened up some of the profit before KO and laid Man United in the Next Goal market to secure £32 overall profit from the match.

Here is another example of some pre match trading by Mr Pre Match himself, Adster of Trading Football

Just click below for all the details on the boys site & service…..

I Made £50 While I Put Up My Christmas Tree

December 15, 2009 by  
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Yes that time of year when we must all disappear into the loft, wrestle with the boxes and untangle 250ft of coloured lights before the whole family argue about what goes where on the tree, of course, this is part of the joyous ritual, that are Christmas Decorations.

However thanks to The Nugget Crew, Bingo and Adster, this year’s annual experience was made far more pleasurable thanks to an extra £50 that ended up in my Betfair account, by following a couple of their ingenious football trading strategies.  I just dropped my bets in the market, waited for the exit points to hit and I was all green well before before the last bulbul had been hung, look below….


These boys are well known to our members of the bet72 membership site and have provided some invaluable content, free trading strategy guide book, many videos and live webinars over the last few weeks.

They have demonstrated the importance of determining a strategy that fits the criteria of a selected match, is adaptable when the game is “in-play” and has various exit points for closing both a winning and possible losing trade.  Correct Score markets, Match Odds and Under/Over 2.5 goal markets are the most popular markets as evidenced by the amount of liquidity available.  But they show how trading different markets in the same match can produce dividends.  It’s a balancing act that requires knowledge of the movements of odds in markets that are mutually linked to each other.  These boys really show what can be done by with a little out of the box thinking.

If you want a little flavour of the Nugget Boys, they have kindly allowed us to show one of their videos from their Nugget Collection below, really does make you think what can be done.  And with World Cup year almost upon us, plus live football of some sort on virtually every single day of the week, getting some niche trading strategies in your toolbox could be a very profitable weapon to have, I have been picking up plenty of green screens lately that is for sure.

XT  Starter One Strategy

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The collection retails at £39.99 for 8 or £59.99 for the full set of 13 strategies, you can check out the full list of videos and some further sneak previews over at the boy’s site:

And as if that isn’t enough of a bargain well these chaps a fantastic offer for all bet72 readers, an exclusive 10% discount, just drop me a line at and I can sort out this exclusive extra saving for you with the Nugget boys.   Oh by the way Bet72 Members get a 20% discount on the collection, how good is that, click here to find out more about that service.

Hold on there is more; well it is the season of goodwill isn’t it. The boys have another exclusive for us at bet72, just drop me an email saying “Show Me The Nuggets” and I can forward you a copy of their Nugget Green Football Trading Book, packed with trading strategies and ideas to launch anyone into the profitable world of football trading, remember you cannot get this anywhere else!

Think of it as an early Christmas present from bet72 and the Nugget Crew.

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