The X-Traders Guide Podcast Season 2.06

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This weeks edition of the X-Traders Guide Podcast is now out.

As always the show is hosted by Full Time Pro Trader Matt Finnigan and contains some great advice and guidelines on all things trading and where to find value.

Matt is involved in a number of very successful sites on Trading and Sports Markets.

Here is the lowdown on this week’s show along with a link to Matt’s site so you can have a listen for yourself…..

Full-time trader Matt Finnigan gives you his thoughts on using stats to great effect and the reasons why trader/punters don’t secure long-term profits even when the stats are in your favour.

He recaps the fallout of the X-Traders Annual conference and what lessons was learned during the weekend

Finally; he explains what is planned in November on his site with the launch of X-Member status on Pro X Trading.

This Weeks Sports Podcast

Stats based trading
Football trading
Lesson learned from the Annual Conference
What is X-Member all about.

You can also follow Matt on twitter @mattfinnigan

Just click the banner to come and have a listen….(and catch up on all of his other great podcasts from last season too. Look out for week 34, it was a belter!)


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