22nd September

Posted on September 23, 2010 by  

Every get those groundhog type of days, well today was one of those.

The offers and bets I made were a mirror of Tuesday’s and also with the same overall outcome.

Just £2.27 on the horses today, £13.61 on the footy multiples and cashed out my freebie at Paddypower for a £6.54 profit. In the process also got a free £7.94 (that is the max. they would let me put on, c’mon Paddy, where’s yer fecking spirit!) bet on the correct score in the Juve game on Thursday.

That cost me £1.98 as the odds were poor but hey free money so no complaints.

Would be nice to break £900 before the weekend, then we can push onto four figures before the month is out.

And please remember the boys are still taking donations, with my £1K+ we can get them upto £7K but would be great if we could push this a little higher, just click the link below.

Today’s Profit: £20.44

Month To Date: £869.61



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