30th September – We Did It!

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Yes fantastic news as the 30 day challenge reached it conclusion and we break the £1K barrier in style. Here is how we rounded off a great month of offers….. My 4th day of the betfair multiple horses yielded another £3 loss, getting so good at picking losers, maybe a bet72 laying line service beckons in the future!  Anyway that £3 loss enabled... Read More...

29th September

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OK, this really is the final countdown……. A good day today, pushing us higher and higher into profit, great stuff. Actually started the day with a loss. Yes lost £3.53 on the horses cashback today, as I actually managed to pick the first winner in a treble, then tried to clever by underlaying the 2nd thinking I could be in for a bigger... Read More...

28th September

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Well it is hardly a mad dash to the 4 figure end of month target. More of a slow limp at the moment but the important thing is we are still gonna make it! Lost another £3 on the horseys today but we are now halfway to the free £40 cash so that is good. Picked up a free £8 bet from Paddypower (my limits are slightly better now!) on their 2 for 1 correct... Read More...

27th September

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Very quiet today, in fact we have made a loss! Gasps from the audience, but only a £3 one as we embark on the latest Betfair horsey multiple cashback. It will be £40 cashback by the end of it so happy to take the minus to get us started. Champions and Europa Leagues to come this week so don’t worry will hit those 4 figures by Friday! Today’s... Read More...

25th / 26th September

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Domestic chores and some family time dominated the weekend so I will make no excuse for that, as what would be the point of any of this! Managed to get on the Betfair footy cashbacks, these were dropped to 50% over the weekend instead of the usual £100, however West Brom did me a favour on Saturday and we scooped £22.58 profit. Sunday was not as... Read More...

24th September

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Poor effort Darren, c’mon! Yes was determined to scoop £900 before the weekend but failed miserably thanks to a day of meetings and other work related items! Still have to look after the pennies. So a mind numbing £2.12 profit on the horses today, I feel a little embarrassed typing it but I suppose a + is positive and we still have the four... Read More...

23rd September

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Just horses and Paddypower for me today. Got £5.42 profit from the Paddy free bet and a £5.71 profit from the horsey offer today thanks to some tactical underlaying, well that is what I call it! Today’s Profit: £11.13 Month To Date: £880.74 http://www.justgiving.com/57hourfootball  Read More →

22nd September

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Every get those groundhog type of days, well today was one of those. The offers and bets I made were a mirror of Tuesday’s and also with the same overall outcome. Just £2.27 on the horses today, £13.61 on the footy multiples and cashed out my freebie at Paddypower for a £6.54 profit. In the process also got a free £7.94 (that is the max. they... Read More...

21st September

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Not quite the success of Monday but we still kept the profit ticking in the right direction so that is the main thing. A whopping £5.32 made on the horses today from the multiples offer and a further £11.35 from the night’s footy action thanks to the five fold cashback offer. Also managed to get a free £10 correct score bet from Paddypower... Read More...

20th September

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Ah Monday a day for catch up and a bit of admin (oh and a bit of money making and then some). Bye bye £700’s, hello £800’s, we are flying now! Firstly just as I was getting into my stride, the Betfair horsey cashback offer has changed. For the better, not sure yet, but we made £7.42 today so that was a good enough start. Basically now... Read More...

18th / 19th September

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Was away most of the weekend and with other family commitments I was limited to just a few offers. But as I always say, this is FREE money. No point getting hung up on missing an offer or not milking it to the max, the next one is just around the corner. And I am sure you can see, by this month’s blog so far, the river is still flowing with... Read More...