15th September

Posted on September 16, 2010 by  

More cashback joy today, as we had a couple of decent back / lay match ups on the horsey treble, giving us a healthy £6.76 profit, once the 2nd had lost.

This was followed by a £16.21 profit from the football fivefold, all locked in during the afternoon, so no action required during the games. Just how I like it. Feet up, crack open a cold one knowing the £’s are safe and sound!

I did mean to get into the Bet24 bonus but that will have to be on for Thursday and also got my eye a couple of casino bonuses too so that should get us matching towards the £700 mark!

With more of the same for Thursday, cashback from Betfair wise and a couple of others offers floating about, then that £700 should be within my reach!

Today’s Profit: £22.97

Month To Date: £636.64



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