14th September

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Ah the Champions League. Naturally this competition has no relevance to me, and never will, being a Reading but I do get a little “Christmas Eve” type feeling before the event and especially when I see the offers being thrown about, now that is more like Christmas Day.

Right straight into it then. Naturally Betfair was the first port of call, £40 horsey cahsback up for grabs and an afternoon, low odds treble netted me £8.82 profit, nice start. Then switching to the football, locked in £14.21 well before the first ball had been kicked in the Champions League and it is back on tomorrow too!

Also got a free £50 offer from Bet24, so have tucked that away for wagering later this week and Boylesports had a free £25 inplay offer on the Man United / Rangers game. Ah Boylesports, wanna know why they are called Spoilsports, a poxy £10 maximum bet is why, even a phone call to their lovely call centre led to a “it’s a trading decision sir”, “it’s a trading decision sir”, response. In my anger I took the tenner on the 0-0 and overlayed it as this wasn’t gonna be goalless was it, enough said. 82p profit for me!
I wouldn’t have minded but I have not even had any major wins at the book, so the limits make you wonder what sort of business they are interested in. Anyway rant over, bigger fish to fry.

Had an email from Jetbull too for a free £120 reload bonus, happy days and no danger of any Boyles limits there. Have been very impressed with these guys since their relaunch and a very handy bookie to have in the locker, here are more details of the sign up offer….


Anyway a good day all round, even added some trading profit too thanks to a Barcelona trade (see here) so great to see the Champions League back and we have hit the £600 mark less than 1/2 way through the month!

Today’s Profit: £23.85

Month To Date: £613.67



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