Terry’s All Nicked

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Following the news the John Terry’s mum has been cautioned for shoplifting (read here) bookie Paddy Power is betting 100/1 that Marks & Spencer fits the England captain’s next team suit with a security tag.

The bookie is also betting on what the £135,000 a week Chelsea defender’s mum might be tempted to pilfer next with a Chelsea shirt the 2/1 favourite although should she be targeting the FA’s official partners it’s 4/1 for a pair of Umbro football boots, 12/1 a pint of Carlsberg, 33/1 a McDonald’s Big Mac and 500/1 a Nationwide bank. A Terry’s chocolate orange is 3/1.

Other specials include John Terry to appear on a new episode of Supermarket Sweep (50/1) whilst its 8/1 that the reason John Terry gives to the media for his mother’s sticky fingers at M&S and Tesco is that ‘Every Little Helps.’

John Terry’s Mum Betting

50/1 Chelsea squad to record Jane’s Addiction’s “Get Caught Stealing” as their FA Cup song this season
50/1 John Terry to appear in a new edition of Supermarket Sweep
100/1 M&S to install a security tag in John Terry’s next England suit

What Will JT’s Mum Steal Next?

2/1 Chelsea shirt
5/2 England shirt
3/1 Terry’s Chocolate Orange
4/1 Umbro Football boots
6/1 Garden gnome
12/1 Pint of Carlsberg
33/1 McDonald’s Big Mac
250/1 Aston Martin
500/1 Nationwide bank
1000/1 National Express Coach

What will John Terry Say to the media?

1/2 It was a case of mistaken identity
3/1 I’m embarrassed
8/1 Every Little Helps
10/1 It’s an own goal
20/1 I forgot to get her a Mother’s day present
25/1 She’s not my mum
100/1 Its not just shoplifting, its M&S shoplifting

What will JT’s mum next get cautioned for?

7/4 Parking in a disabled space
2/1 Out of date road tax
3/1 Evading a taxi fare
6/1 Claiming unemployment benefit
10/1 Slow-counting in a bookies
12/1 Using a child’s ticket on the underground
25/1 Fighting in the Chelsea player’s lounge
100/1 Urinating in a public place

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