Simpsons Go Blarney on Paddy’s Day!

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Many a world statesmen, literary giant and Hollywood legend has performed the ritual and now TV’s favourite yellow bellied character Homer Simpson is set to kiss the infamous Blarney Stone, when The Simpson’s visit Ireland this St.Patricks Day.

St Patrick’s Day this year will be celebrated with a special “Oirish” episode of The Simpsons which will be screened in Ireland ahead of its transmission in the US for the first time in the 20-year history of the show.
Ireland’s patron saint of bookies, Paddy Power, has wasted no time coming out with some animated bets on the one-off episode and are betting 6/4 that Homer leans back to kiss the gift of gab wall. However the cheeky bookie isn’t ruling anything out with the clumsy character and are also offering odds on him holding baby Maggie out to kiss the wall at 6/1. The odds on Homer writing graffiti on the wall are just 8/1 while it’s 25/1 he mistakes the word ‘kiss’ as ‘p%*s’ and urinates on The Blarney Stone!
In what promises to be a paddy packed episode of all things Irish Bookies Paddy Power are also speculating on what famous Irish cliché Homer utters first. ‘O Beggorah’ is the the bookies favourite at 8/1, followed by ‘Top O’ The Mornin’ To Ye’ at 9/1, ‘To Be Sure To Be Sure’ at 10/1 and crude quote ‘as gaeilge’, ‘Pog Mo Hon’ also at 10/1.

Sharon McHugh, spokesperson for Paddy Power said: “We’re no strangers to betting on The Simpsons. We’re still feeling the pain from the massive payout we faced when baby Maggie shot Mr Burns all those years ago! The Simpsons don’t miss a trick so there’s bound to be lots of Irish colloquialisms and paddy whackery to watch out for!”


What will Homer do when he visits The Blarney Stone?
6/4 Kiss it
6/1 Hold baby Maggie out to kiss it
6/1 Lick it
8/1 Graffiti on it
8/1 Chisel a piece off the wall to take home
10/1 Slip through the wrought iron bars
10/1 Try to eat it
12/1 Get a bad case of acrophobia
12/1 Stick Gum on it
18/1 Handcuff himself to the bars
25/1 Piddle on it
50/1 Remove it and take it with him

First Irish cliché Homer uses in the St.Patricks Day episode?
8/1 Ah/O begorrah
9/1 Top o’ the mornin’ to ye!
10/1 To be sure to be sure
10/1 Pog mo hon
12/1 That’s grand
12/1 Slainte
12/1 Fair play!
14/1 Cead Mile Failte
14/1 Feck Off
16/1 That’s Arthur Guinness Talking
16/1 Fluthered
18/1 There’s no home like your own home
18/1 Get Outta That Garden
20/1 Dancing at the crossroads
20/1 Ole Ole Ole Ole
20/1 Not the full shilling
20/1 Thanks a million
20/1 Glocamorra
25/1 Wigs on the green
25/1 May the road rise to meet you
25/1 Soft day thank God
25/1 How’s she cutting’?
25/1 Me Mammy said
25/1 Bacon and cabbage
25/1 Story, bud
33/1 Get up outta dat
33/1 Away with ye
40/1 Acting the Maggot
50/1 It’s Bucketing down
80/1 You’ll Never Beat The Irish!
100/1 Paddy Power

Simpsons Specials
12/1 Grandpa Simpson to marry a lovely Irish Girl in Season 20
33/1 Colm Meaney to move in permanently with The Simpsons
500/1 The Simpsons to relocate permanently from Springfield to Ireland

Number of Viewers?
9/2 Under 600,000
11/10 600,000 – 800,000
7/2 800,001 – 1,000,000
6/1 1,000,001 – 1,200,000
8/1 1,200,001 – 1,400,000
9/2 Over 1,400,000

Next Irish Star to guest on The Simpsons?
3/1 Colin Farrell
4/1 Daniel Day-Lewis
5/1 Bob Geldof
6/1 Gabriel Byrne
8/1 Enya
10/1 Jonathan Rhys Meyers
14/1 Cillian Murphy
16/1 Nadine Coyle
18/1 Louis Walsh
18/1 Cecelia Ahern
25/1 Any of Westlife
25/1 Any of Boyzone
40/1 Samantha Mumba
40/1 Robbie Keane
50/1 Bertie Ahern
50/1 Tommy Tiernan
66/1 Brian McFadden
66/1 Ken Egan
80/1 Rosanna Davison
80/1 Eoghan Quigg
80/1 Pat Shortt
100/1 Grainne Seoige
100/1 Brian Cowen
100/1 Mary McAlesse
150/1 Gay Byrne
150/1 Gerry Ryan
250/1 Dana
500/1 Brian Ormond


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