20th November

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For anyone following the BET365 thread too, on 14th I received the dreaded email to say I am not entitled to any more Sportsbook offers, well it was good while it lasted! I can still get casino and games offers there just not sport ones. That said well worth having a go if you are able to, I have made over £600 in my time doing it, £82.52 this month so I will add that to the profit total and wave byebye to BET365 (well sports anyway!) so naturally sad to see it go but no time for wallowing, just move onto the next, plenty more fish in this risk free sea!

Apart from that not a bad week at all. Didn’t do anything risk free betting wise over the weekend apart from the £10 BLUE SQ games offer and I actually won, £10, kerching!

Monday kicked off with a new offer from ZEDBET (€100 or £75), very nice indeed, numpty me opened a £ account and only made £52 profit here, whereas given the state of the pound I should have gone for a Euro account, still it is all free cash so why complain, just move onto the next one!

SUNDERLANDS, ain’t heard from them for ages offered me a free £25 bet if I staked £25 on the afternoons racing, well it would be rude to take it, £17.52 profit, more kerching then. Again sign up to all the bookies listed on the left hand side of the site and then make sure you keep your details upto date as you never know what you will be offered.

Another week and another free tenner games offer from PADDYPOWER, that will £10 each for me and Mrs B using our Top Trumps strategy.

Next a great offer from BETNOW, mobile text betting. Yeah I thought this would be a nightmare but it actually worked really well, the odds weren’t great but still turned a £77.75 profit over 2 accounts, very impressive little site, full details here

Onto Thursday and NHL day again and the no lose offer from PARTYBETSand GAMEBOOKERS £22.71 overall profit from this week’s game from our accounts

Also BETWAY had a Thursday Ice Hockey offer on too, I have placed the bets and need to cash out so will update one done.

Profit/Loss – 14th – 20th November 2008 = +£282.50 – Total November 2008 = +£566.98


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