New Betting Exchange Trading Rooms coming to the North West

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A friend of mine is looking to open a Betting Exchange Facility in the Warrington area, handy for me then! The aim is to provide a state of the art location with all the advantages to give you that extra edge. Modern offices coupled with fast PC’s, fast live pictures and fast internet feeds will give everyone the prefect trading environment. There will resident Betfair accredited trainers on hand to help, yours truly will be there running seminars and workshops on risk free betting and profit making and naturally a wealth of experienced pro traders to pick up hints and tips from.

Initially we are looking to gauge the response of people in the surrounding area as to the overall idea and what they would like to see, naturally this won’t apply to everyone due to the location, although it will be right by the M62 so dead easy to get to, easy parking etc…so should appeal to a large catchment area.

If you are interested then go along to for more details and register an initial interest.

Update from the business owner…

Hi All

I am the guy who has and for the last couple of months have been lining up what I need to get the shop open. It is a new venture for me and to be honest I would have liked to be up an running by now. As usual the first time you do something it takes 3 times longer than you think as you learn all the hoops you have to jump through – currently trying to persuade Warrington planners that my location is ok!

Many thanks to all those who have contacted me and registered an interest through the website – this is really important to me to gauge interest and make sure I provide what people are looking for. Last thing I want is an expensive white elephant. Thanks also Darren at Bet72 for help, advice and encouragement.

To answer some of the questions on this thread:

The location I am close to signing up to (planners permitting) is on the Gemini Business park in Warrington, it is close to motorways, has parking and is a modern office with good facilities.

As I said I wanted to be open by now – realistically I think I am still about 6 – 8 weeks away from getting it operational

I plan to have SIS and TurfTV as well as Sky. If there is demand (and I hope there is) I’ll be putting a motor dish up to pick up football, tennis, NFL etc. I won’t be doing anything that might land me in jail or a large fine, but I am sure there are ways and means.

There is fibre on the Park and I’ll be looking to get it in, don’t have a firm handle on connection speeds as yet. I’ll take internet over 3 separate ISPs – this means that the shop traffic is spread over multiple betfair servers = faster response times.

Indicatively I’d like to charge £35 per seat per day or £180 for 6 days.

I am relaxed about what software you use in the shop – if it is right for what you do that’s fine with me. Also happy for people to bring their own kit – so long as it does not affect other users, hog resources or bring the network down.

I am keen to use the shop for training sessions, talks and any other trading/gambling/sporting uses. If you have ideas or requests please let me know. The idea behind the shop is to give any edge to help people to win and be successful – that means they come back more often and tell their mates about it.

Anything else please get in touch and thanks for your support



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  1. leigh hill on Sun, 19th Jul 2009 1:07 am 

    Darren just found your site look’s like just what i’ve been looking for,firstly do people really make a full time living on betfair if so will you be doing training courses? and if so when?

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