Champions League (FA Cup/Bundesliga/Championship) We’re ‘aving a laugh!

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Another successful night of Champions League trading thanks to the Betting System Notes software and it’s preloaded footy strategies.

Update, Update -10/12/10 – 2 more to add the screenshots of joy record and to take us to 6 out of 6 over the last few days. This time a Nugget Nibble and an Adster Aperitif, both done whilst I got ready to go out, hence I exited at halftime but a few extra quid to pay for the night was already in the bag!

Nugget Nibble using £30 stake….(look at the ROI)

Adster Aperitif using £42 stake…..(look at the ROI)

Update – 9/12/10 – OK not Champions League but made it 4 out of 4 this week with another “Nugget Nibble” on the Luton v Charlton Cup Replay. Over 40% ROI this time, only traded to halftime too, great stuff…….

Update: A 63% ROI from Wednesday too, these strategies are a flying! Stakes of £60 produced a £38 profit…

We have a very nice 38% ROI thanks to a “Nugget Nibble” on the Twente v Spurs game and that was proceeded by 2 pre match trades picked up by the Bingo Bistrot strategy too.

Locked in risk free profit and money to play with before a ball was even kicked, love it….

Here are our screenshots from Tuesday before Kick Off….

Took this one in play but hedged as Barca laboured in the first half for £21 profit….

Hedged this for £20 across all scores…..

The strategies used last night are just 2 of the full set included in the package.

I’ll cut to the chase and here is how you get your hands on the software, wise move I might add.

Just point your mouse and click below….

Betting System Notes


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