10th June

Posted on June 14, 2010 by  

OK this is it, off we go……

Am throwing £15 into the pot already courtesy of the Totesport Games Slots offer, a big rollercoaster that one but maybe an sign of things to come as we have secured an immedaite profit with a free fiver to come!

Today is very much about preparing the ground and getting everything lined up and ready to go for the big Kick Off. Naturally there are a few Outright offers to be looked at but generally the bulk of the offers will be done during the tournament. Of course I will be trading too, but will keep that all seperate but am very excited by the opportunity the next month will bring and hopefully we can boost everyone’s betting bank by a good few quid too.

Having virtuall cleared the decks, I can now focus fully on this site and the members, so I can promise that by the time England do lift the cup you will be sick of the sight (and sound) of me!

Anyway onto the bets. For me today I need to make a start on the JackpotJoy flags offer (yes I have been waiting so I can blog along with it), pick off any of the outstanding offers from here and of course review the casino status side of things. Gusyonok has made a great effort with some fantastic results, an inspiration to us all, keep it up my friend.

Today’s Profit = +£15

Total WC Profit = +£15


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