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In the next 24 hours, we will be releasing the very latest Secret Betting Club Magazine, which features the usual mix of independent tipster reviews and expert articles to help you make more money betting.

This latest issue and our huge back catalogue (dating back to May 06) is available the instant you sign-up for a Secret Betting Club membership, which costs the equivalent of just 20p a day.

Check out the full must-read contents of our latest issue…

The first of our 2-part Betting On The Move guide including……

o The best mobile phones for betting – including our 4 top-rated phones reviewed and rated from a gamblers perspective

o What to look when buying a mobile phone – the checklist of features you need to run through when upgrading (Enabling you to keep on top of technology changes!)

o SBC’s Best mobile phone betting apps for Android and iPhones.

• Our exclusive and independent review of the new racing tipster with an impressive profit over the past 12 months. At just £10 stakes, since he began in November 2011, he has made a £2520.10 profit from just 225 bets. All at a very high Return on Investment of 37.42%.

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Check out his full record below, which help to reveal why we are so interested in him!

• The first proper review of the new Racing Post book on their Pricewise tipping column. Billed as “The World’s Number One Tipster Revealed” – read our honest opinion on just how useful this book really is when it comes to what matters most – your betting profits.
We also uncover what we believe to be the ‘big secret’, which makes Pricewise’s Tom Segal so successful!

• The first of our 2 part Interview with the SBC member who is making a profit betting with a 15 strong portfolio of tipsters. This prolific blogger and betting enthusiast reveals how he makes it work, the secrets behind his success and the pitfalls to avoid if looking to emulate him.

• Plus much, much more besides including our latest racing strategies to follow for the Jumps season, analysis and best bets for Champions Day, plus all the free strategies and systems for you to download or follow on our members forum.

How A Secret Betting Club Membership Can Help Your Betting…

The Secret Betting Club is unique in that it is the only 100% independent source for reporting, reviewing and monitoring the world of betting advice, whether through the use of tipsters, systems or strategies.

This means that as a member, we can truthfully point you in the direction of the best experts and methods for making money betting. We do this through our…

1. Monthly SBC Magazine – complete with the latest tipsters reviewed, expert interviews, how-to guides and free systems and strategies to follow.

2. SBC Tipster Profit Reports – full of the latest tipster ratings, including our tipster Hall of Fame and at a glance league tables to compare them all.

Further benefits of SBC membership include:

• Access to our Ultimate Betting Package, which consists of:

1. The Secret List of Award Winning Horse Racing, Football & Sport Tipsters
2. The Secret Betting System Guide
3. The Professional Gambler Blueprint

• Access to our dynamic forum rammed full of advice, free strategies and systems devised by some of our very shrewd members.

• Access to our outstanding six and a half back catalogue full of reviews, features and profitable betting advice.

The great news is that all of this available for the equivalent of just £1.32 per week and with a full money back guarantee if not in any way satisfied once you joined.

Best regards,

Peter Ling
SBC Editor

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P.S. All new Secret Betting Club members get our Secret Betting System Guide absolutely for free the instant they join. It features 3 proven systems for Golf, Racing & Football that you can follow for free.

“If you value your time and money, you should set aside the cost of a Secret Betting Club subscription before you part with a single penny for a tipster’s fees. I’d consider joining SBC as an essential first step for anyone looking to take the gamble out of betting and treat it as a serious money-making proposition.”

Greg Gordon – Creator of The Observer Tipster Experiment

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