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Just had a timely reminder from our friends over at RacingTraders about an opportunity to get into a brand new cryptocurrency at its rock bottom launch price. Looks an exciting prospect and certainly something we will be getting involved in. Over to John for all the details……

The Digitex Futures Token Sale Starts Jan 15th 2018

Load up on this exciting new cryptocurrency at its rock bottom launch price of only $0.01 NOW!

Sign up today and get a 20% bonus on your purchase Monday!

I’ll cut to the chase again. You can read why below but just go here and register!

Then just refer your friends to the DGTX token sale that starts on January 15th. Simply share your unique link by email or on your Facebook page or anywhere else your friends hang out online. Digitex will pay you:

30% of the ETH your friends spend in the DGTX token sale.

I wrote to you last week about this and if you’re one of the 14,000 people that have already joined the Digitex Telegaram group and registered then I apologise. As over 200,000 people have already registered in one week it looks like this will sell out on the first day.

Telling your friends about the DGTX token sale is a great way for you to get together a decent chunk of DGTX tokens at no cost to yourself.

Everybody is talking about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies right now. The meteoric price rise of Bitcoin, Ethereum and others during 2017 has caught everyone’s attention. People are sore at missing out on the Bitcoin boom and they are looking for other high growth cryptocurrency opportunities.

The DGTX token is a good opportunity for you and your friends to get involved in a brand new cryptocurrency at its rock bottom launch price.

When the Digitex Futures Exchange launches DGTX tokens will be in high demand from traders who are attracted to Bitcoin futures markets with zero trading costs. As more traders are attracted to zero cost cryptocurrency futures trading, demand for the tokens will rise.

Why not load up on DGTX tokens in this month with the idea of unloading them in June into the surge of demand created when the exchange officially launches? At such a low starting price of one cent per DGTX token, the growth potential of the token is huge if there proves to be a healthy demand for commission-free cryptocurrency futures trading.

Digitex Futures Exchange from Digitex on Vimeo.

You can get involved with as little as £20!

2018 will likely be a big year for cryptocurrencies, and public interest in making money from cryptocurrencies will only intensify. The DGTX token is perfectly positioned to benefit from the massive explosion in numbers of casual, low stakes day traders that will inevitably occur in 2018.

Start referring your friends today and get involved in this exciting cryptocurrency opportunity.

That’s it from me for this week. Wrap up well and stay warm.

Here is that registration link again

Best regards,

John & the team at RacingTraders

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