8th – 9th May

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Should be a big weekend of profits with plenty going on.

We naturally have the BOGOFs at Willam Hill and Labrokes, always our first port of call.

Also double bet offer from bet24 and need to have a bash at the NordicBet €30 offer too, keep forgetting that one.
TowerGaming are back with another cashback offer, I am sure this will get a mixed response from some people but they seem to be getting their act together so I am having a little look.

Beat Victor, Blue Square Fair, Sportingbet Beat Bully and Square and Betfair Football Multiples are also on the list, as is my cashing out at Ladbrokes on the casino front. So plenty to keep us all busy, love it!


Well we added a few quid over the pot over the weekend. Funny really I always seem to do better during the week. Think it is because there are less distractions and I seem to get a clear run at the offers but hey this is all free money so I will not complain….

WH BOGOF netted £5.67 and Ladbrokes £5.82
Picked up a whopping £2.72 from the Bet24 multiples offer too

That was about that, was oit and about for most of the rest of the weekend. All work and no play is a bad thing so was rude not too.

Today’s Profit: £14.21

Total Profit Raised for Donation: £1327.79



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