4th May

Posted on May 5, 2010 by  

Star Wars Day, May The 4th…..but in reality will be a quiet day for offers for me.

Think I will pick off a couple of casino offers safe in the knowledge that there will be plenty coming down the line.

Already got a BOGOF at Will Hill for the City / Spurs game and a juicy looking offer at Betfred for Chester races so you really don’t have to be on this 24/7 as if you miss something another free bet bus will soon be along.

Yes glad to report the Coral BJ is running nicely +£48 from the £25 monthly bonus, -£10 on the roulette one so +£38 for this month.


Yes that was that, +£38 for me today so we hit the £500 mark and still not included our friends from TowerGaming.

Today’s Profit: £38

Total Profit Raised for Donation: £507.76



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