28th April

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I know I do need to be a bit more fluffy and flowery with this blog but it does get hard sometimes, as I always feel the need just to get the offers out there and get everyone making a few £. Maybe my word cound will increase based on the donations made….

There that was almost 2 whole sentences, I spoil you, so onto the offers on the table for today:-

More BOGOFs at William Hill today of course, well there is a Y in the day.
Need to cash out my free £10 over at Ladbrokes
Also have an offer from Centrebet for a free Champions League final bet by wagering on the semi finals and a couple of interesting looking games ones in my account too


Locked in £5.62 on the Will Hill BOGOF and made £6.12 from the Ladbrokes one. Not the best but every penny counts!

£2.50 from Ladbrokes slots offer, woah!

Have secured my 2 x Centrebet freebies for the final too so have tied a knot in my hanky so I don’t forget about them.

Other than that a quiet sort of day really, we still await the Tower refunds and still gave me chance to get uptodate on a bit of admin work, long overdue and always bottom of the list.

Today’s Profit: £14.24

Total Profit Raised for Donation: £366.63



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