27th April

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Ah the Champions League. No English interest (will have to wait at least 3 years before Reading take their rightful place) so all my interest is on the bookies offers (as it always is) and as always plenty to get stuck into.

BOGOFs galore from Will Hill (football, dogs and snooker) and Ladbrokes have one too.
A free fiver from Jetbull is always welcome, really liking using this bookmaker again.
Should get my free fiver from Blue Sq today to cash out too. Still waiting on TowerGaming but was told it could take until Wednesday.

Staring to see quite a few “IF” refund offers again, you know IF xxx sends 0-0 we refund all losing correct score bets. Whilst these have never been a great cash cow sometimes there is a few quid to be had so worth keeping an eye out. In fact bearing in mind their frequency and the fact we have a World Cup looming I will knock up a few videos to discuss these and get the spreadsheet uploaded to. Only takes a few seconds then to see if an offer has any risk free profit in it.

Away from the bookies….

Another Ladbrokes games offer has started, slots but worth a shot.
Need to do a quick double check as we are near the send of the month that I haven’t missed any monthly offers too.


God those snooker 5 x £1 in play bets were hard work…..still made £3.51 on the first game and £3.43 on the second and while I was at it picked up a nice little arb, made over £10 on that (wish I had more in my account now as it was gone in a flash). Certainly an interesting sport in that respect and the inplay angle is one that I am keen to do more with.

Netted £3.76 from the footy one too so a good day at Billy’s again.

Missed my Jetbull qualifying bet, only a fiver but really annoys me as effectively missing out on free money, doh! So happy to chuck my £10 arb profit ointo the pot, so will have to fund my curry and beer for the footy tonight out of my own pocket!

Turned my free fiver at Blues Sq into £4.45 profit thanks to a 15/15 match on the horsey’s

Also picked up a £10 reload bonus over at Foxycasino and converted into £9.50 profit playing Blackjack. Nice to get these unexpected ones!

And £20 profit from my BlueSq slots offer. Obviuosly slots are totally random but happy to use some of my own funds here as this month has been so good and you have to be in it to win it so to speak.

On the subject of slots was net for 0 on the Ladbrokes Isis slots offer, looks a bit brutal that one so will tread carefully with that one.

Anyway a good day, over £50 to add so that is very welcome.

Today’s Profit: £54.65

Total Profit Raised for Donation: £352.39



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