22nd April

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In a day dominated by the TowerGaming promo and talking to people about that I bearly had time to look elsewhere but with the profits on offer there then that was certainly right to be the main focus. However there was still a few over nuggets to collect so it would have been rude not too.

Another 2 x Totesport BOGOF offers gave £12.13 profit
Got a (low priced) treble up on the Betfair Racing Midweek Mania but overlaid (as I didn’t expect all 3 to win) a little too much so only collected £5.34 profit from that, the law of sod.
Managed to get on the last day of the Ladbrokes Games Dogfight slot offer, made another £4.48 on that. Strange how I have been on each morning and some days all the bonuses are gone and other times they are there
Also it turned out that Mrs Bet72 got the Eurosport free tenners email so I have placed the necessary bets to pick up 3 x free £10’s for a small loss.

Hopefully will be adding the “bumper” profits from Tower Gaming later too so that will really get the profits rocking, as would a few more donations, by chance, pretty please…..

Today’s Profit: £21.95

Total Profit Raised for Donation: £249.63



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