1st-3rd May

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OK let’s make up for the last couple of days poor effort with a few decent offers. Plenty happening this “extended” weekend so I think we can really make some good cash to add to the pot.

On the immediate list then:

William Hill BOGOF – one for Sat and one for Sun
Ladbrokes free tenner
Got a free live bet offer on the Liverpool / Chelsea game from Bet24
Good to see the Betfair multiples back, a strange void in my life without them this week (sad man alert)
Seems to be a good selection of Guineas offers about too so they are worth a closer view.

Will have another bash at the Beat Victor and Sportingbet Bully comps, gotta win one week surely?!

Also a new month means new Ladbrokes casino offers and our regular monthly fayre too so will be picking off those over the next few days and reporting as I play them. Have already picked up £6.20 from today’s Isis but lost £13 on the Bingo mini slots games offer (with £10 bonus to come) so a gentle start!

So let’s see if we can break the £500 barrier by the time the fat lady sings at the end of the weekend on Monday!


As this was an extended weekend I have wrapped these all together as I was in and out all weekend so had to pick off the offers as I got to them.

2 x BOGOFs from WH over the weekend netted £11.21 in total

Locked in £6.86 overall profit from the Ladbrokes in play offer.

2 more multiple offers from Betfair netted £9.60. Betfair are on a roll at picking losing favourites at the moment. Standby for Betfair Lays the new tipping service……!

Couple of refund offers too from Betfred on the Chelsea and Man U games on Sunday. In the first they would refund losing bets in certain markets if a goal was scored in the first 20 mins. So I put a little trading idea in that I have used with the Nugget Crew. Put £200 on 0-0 (8.5 – was 14 on Betfair!!) with Betfred and backed Chelsea 2-1 on Betfair for £50 at 10’s. The idea being that if there was a goal I would get the refund at Betfred and the 2-1 scoreline would come in a few ticks to lock in a profit. After 20 mins 0-0 was down to 8.2 so I scratched out of that for a small loss, but stayed in the 2-1 as you could see a goal coming. The price had drifted to 14, then Drogba scored and came into 8 and we locked in a £9.75 profit.

On the other game Fred had a refund on losing bets if Man U won by 2 goals or more. Nice and easy this one. Just backed and layed 1-2 for £200 for a £40 loss (god those odds were bad) and then Backed Sunderland (+1.5) on the Asian Handicap market over at 188bet at 1.75 to lock in a £38.25 overall profit. Lovely and no commission to pay either!

Hopefully a sign of things to come for the World Cup so this is a great way to test out a few strategies for when the offers appear again.

£3.20 up overall on Ladbrokes games / casino offers but a whole new set to start on for May so will be into those in the next few days.

Had hoped to push onto break the £500 mark but happy with the progress so far and still 13 days to go to get to the target so let’s do it.

Today’s Profit: £78.87

Total Profit Raised for Donation: £469.76



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