16th April

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Am already £7 up thanks to the Ladbrokes games slot offer so that is good as Friday can be a quiet day as most of the offers are stored up for the weekend.

Betfair Midweek Mania again, chance to put Howards spreadsheet to the test me thinks!

VC have free fallers offer on a Cheltenham this evening, may have a look if i am about.

Have just noticed Two Sixes, which is a Paddypower company have regular existing user offers, BJ on Tuesday and French Roulette on Fridays, both are +EV and I have had an account there for ages so think that is worth a shout

Will see what other casino monthlies are about too.

And of course get all the prep done for the weekend.


A tad up and down today but we still turned a decent enough profit. Collected the 2 bonuses from Ladbrokes and will include those in my figures as these will be used wager over other offers so I am happy to donate these directly.

Ladbrokes Dogfight/Ratapck Games = +£7
Two Sixes French Roulette = -£13
Betfair Midweek Mania = +£5.71
Ladbrokes Scratcard = +£10
Ladbrokes BJ Bonus = +£10

Today’s Profit: £19.71

Total Profit Raised for Donation: £98.10



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