14th May

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The slowdown continues, must be all saving themselves for Cup Final weekend. To be honest I am a little embarrassed but today’s total and even though I was outr for most of the day I nearly jumped on a couple of casino offers in the evening but they were barely +EV and I could have done damage to the total. It is always important to be disciplined and stick to the script, not just do something for the sake of it. Plenty more £’s to come before the fat lady sings on our fund raising I am sure.

Back for more Twenty20 madness on Will Hill today, £3.13 secured this time so better than yesterday but not a pleasureable experience that is for sure.

I wasn’t around in the afternoon for the Betfred offer but the conditions has changed and not sure I missed much anyway however a random freebie from an unlikely source and I managed to get it on before I was out.
Sportingbet and a free bet on Saturday for placing a bet at York on Friday. Prices are good here so the £20 qualifier was placed for only a £1.26 loss.

Today’s Profit: £3.13

Total Profit Raised for Donation: £1389.49



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