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There are numerous pre-season guides produced around this time of year, but the Essential Football Betting Guide is the only preview you’ll find with valuable content only from experts with a proven track record of making money betting.

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Includes details on our valuable free system, an interview with a bookmaker, details on the tipsters to follow and much more besides!

Produced by the Secret Betting Club, the Essential Football Betting Guide has something for everyone. If you’ve never placed a football bet before, this is the best place to start. If you’re an experienced punter, you’ll find specific strategies and expert opinion.

The guide contains our proven recommendations on the top tipsters to follow for the coming season – based upon our renowned Hall of Fame ratings. With just 3 of our top tipsters having made nearly £18,000 last season at only £50 stakes (full details below) its clear why our tipster recommendations are so popular.

You can also pick up details on our exclusive free football system, which made over £500 profit at just £10 stakes last year, our round-up of the best tips from some well known expert tipsters and an interview with the enemy – a former odds compiler tells us all! Plus a lot more besides – it really is the ultimate and only guide you need for the new football betting season!

Either click here to sign-up now and gain instant access or read on to find out more about our must-have football betting guide…

Less Waffle – More Actionable, Genuine Advice Proven To Win!

So if you are fed up of reading ‘expert’ analysis from washed up ex-players and unproven ‘journalists’ – who know how to write a good article, but dont make a profit from their bets – then the SBC Essential Football Betting Guide is your antidote!

It features only proven advice and analysis from real experts – who have a track record of betting success over many previous seasons. That way you know that the advice you are reading is from someone proven to make money betting.

The even better news is that this guide is supplied totally for free to anyone signing-up for an Secret Betting Club membership. Indeed you are probably thinking that we must be crazy to give this away for free!! And you could well be right! However, its actually all part of our commitment to provide the best value for money betting reviews, information and analysis possible!

Here’s what the SBC essential football betting guide contains…

  • The Tipsters to follow in 2011/2012 – A rundown of the best football tipsters for the new season with fully proofed performance tables. Find out exactly how much you could have made last season and begin following them now! Three of our top football tipsters would have made you over £17,900 alone last season at just £50 stakes – find our more further down this page!
  • SBC Discount Club Mega Savings and Deals!– Exclusive discounts and special offers on profitable tipsters available only as a member of the Secret Betting Club.

    > For example – one proven Scottish expert gives SBC members ONLY a £90 discount on his membership!

    > Another well known non-league tipster ONLY ACCEPTS SBC MEMBERS into his service! Why? Well because we have negotiated an extra special exclusive deal with him.

    > And in perhaps the best deal of all, one proven European football service offers a whopping 40% off his membership prices to SBC members only. This deal could save you hundreds of pounds!

  • The amazingly powerful Free Football Betting System that made our members over £500 profit from just 310 bets at £10 last season. It specialises in picking out big odds teams to win such as last season with West Brom away at Arsenal at 16/1 or Wigan away at Spurs at 11/1.

    > Find out what this system is, how it works and also how as an SBC member you can get all the system selections for free this coming season!

  • Our Betting Expert Guide To The New Season – We have asked all of the best football experts and tipsters that we monitor to give us their take on the new season, including their best tips for some of the most popular leagues and competitions. Get the best ‘darkhorse’, ‘hidden value’, antepost, Premier League winner and relegation tips plus a lot more besides from this group of experts.

    Remember these tips are from proven tipsters with a track-record of success – A far cry from some of the beat-up journalists or washed up ex-pro’s who couldnt tip their hat!

  • Insight From The Enemy – A Football Bookmaker Spills All! – We also have a fascinating interview with a former odds compiler, who shares the benefit of his years working as a bookmaker with us! He gives SBC readers the inside track on compilers, what makes them tick and how we can beat them. Its a must-read interview, which will have the bookies running for cover!
  • Our exclusive beginners guide to football betting for any of you as yet to get started on your profitable football betting journey. Includes our top ten betting tips for beginners – a must read if you are new and want an easy to read, quick start guide to get you up and running in time for the new season!
  • The Insider’s Guide to Successful Football Betting. Everything you wanted to know about football betting but were afraid to ask! Top tips and pitfalls to avoid if you’re going to make your betting pay. Includes our 8 golden rules of football betting from a proven expert in his field.

The Tipsters & Experts To Follow!

If there is one thing we are known for at the Secret Betting Club its our Hall of Fame of the best tipsters to follow – effectively those proven to make you money betting.

Our essential guide contains our full rundown on their performance in the 2010/11 season plus what we can expect from them in the new season.

To give a flavour of how profitable these tipsters are, here are just 3 featured in our Essential Guide and their stats at different stakes for the 2010/11 season. As you can see they make a mighty fine profit!

At £10 stakes
, you would have won £3539.20
At £50 stakes, you would have won £17,696.00
At £100 stakes, you would have won £35,392.00

In total, we have reports and the latest figures on numerous different high quality tipsters in our essential guide – helping you to decide just who to follow this coming season.

Remember as well, that here at SBC we only recommend proven tipsters with at least 12 months proofed results, so you can be confident in their quality.

Free Strategies For You To Use And Win With!

Our essential guide also contains a whole host of free strategies that we have developed and used over the past few years to help you make money this coming season. Put together with the help of several pro-gambling experts, each one could make a massive difference to your betting profit bottom-line next season.

Check out some of the free strategies you receive as part of our guide…

  • Our unique ‘Dodging The Draw’ analysis – Read our take on an incredibly simple method of boosting profits by avoiding games more likely to end in a draw. The bookies know all about this simple trend, yet many punters dont – find out what it is and make sure you take full advantage!
  • How to get the best odds. Make an extra £5 to £50 on every bet by grabbing the best odds. But which bookies can you really trust? We reveal all based upon our years of experience betting.
  • Capitalising on Home Advantage – An easy 13.81 points profit went begging last season just by following this simple ‘home underdog’ system that anyone can use.
  • The definitive football betting resource guide: The best stats, the hottest team news and the most powerful ratings. We show you where to get the best info this season
  • The ‘Long ball’ strategy for picking winners over the season that spotted big priced bets such as Carlisle to win the Johnstone’s paint trophy at 33/1. Find out exactly how you can apply this strategy yourself this coming season.

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In a crazy offer, we are supplying this essential football betting guide to all new Secret Betting Club members totally for free!

Thats right – as soon as you sign-up for an Secret Betting Club membership we will instantly send you the Essential Betting Guide direct to your email address!

Membership of the Secret Betting Club comes with the following benefits…

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    gamblers, Betfair traders and other experts in the field.
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  • Details on the deals, discounts and special offers available exclusively to our members.
  • Full money back guarantee if at any time in your first 12 months with us, you are not satisfied for any reason!

What Is The Secret Betting Club?

The Secret Betting Club is a 100% independent source for reporting, reviewing and monitoring the world of betting advice, be it through the use of tipsters, systems or strategies.

Through our detailed reviews, stats and Hall of Fame rankings we help to point you in the direction of the best experts and methods for making money betting.

We do this through the TWO monthly betting magazines, one devoted to Sports Betting and the other to Horse Racing.

We also have a dynamic forum full of advice and free strategies and systems, exclusive saving deals for many tipsters…as well as a FIVE year back catalogue full of our past reviews to check out.

All of this and much more is available for the equivalent of just £1.32 per week – significantly less than the cost of a weekend paper or the Racing Post.

What’s more, we offer a full no quibble money-back guarantee should you join and not be satisfied, so you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

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What’s more if you act quickly and place your order now, the first 10 customers through the door also gain free membership to two proven tipster services until the end of 2011. Both these tipsters have made a proven profit football betting in the past few seasons and if paying a subscription fee, would cost you £276!

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