You gotta be in it to win it (again)

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Thanks for all the emails today concerning the Benfica 2 goals offer over at Betfred yesterday, as featured on our auto update offers page here –

What an offer that turned out to be. And again shows the value of a) having an account in the first place (with as many bookies as you can) so you can jump on board the offers as they appear and b) keeping upto date with to see what is hot in the world of offers.

For those who missed it this was the offer:

If Benfica score 2 or more goals, Fred will refund all losing single bets on any market up to £500

All I did was back / underlay Man U in the match odds market, fully expecting an easy win and a modest profit in I am honest. Well you have gotta be in it to win it and it was a low risk trade in my book. But we had a potentially massive upside if their dodgy defence that has been a feature this season appeared again (oh and it did).

Then as the goals started to flow, at 2-1 I was about to lay some profit on the draw off and bang 2-2, happy days! Meant I could fully green up over all 3 selections for a very healthy 3 figure sum. Again an offer out of the blue but which certainly paid dividends.

And fair play to old Fred, he took it all on the chin, was straight on Tweeting about the hammering he too and the refunds are on their way and this is not the first time Bet72ers have benefitted in this way.

So the moral of this story, well there are 3 actually….

Be Happy (with have never seen so many money making opportunities)

Be Prepared (with you accounts ready to go)

Be on Bet72 (if it looks like an offer and smells like an offer, we will be on the offer)

Of course if you need any help, advice or ideas about which bookmakers to do next then please drop us a line anytime at


2 Comments on "You gotta be in it to win it (again)"

  1. Peter on Wed, 23rd Nov 2011 10:22 pm 

    Hi ,

    I am a bit annoyed at myself for missing out on such a generous offer from Fred . A bit of advice needed for future reference . You said you backed United and then underlyed them for a guaranteed profit . Have I got this right . Backed United at Fred’s for , say , £50 at his odds ( dunno what they were but possibly 1.90 ) Underlayed at BFair ie layed off United at BFair for ????? Math’s wasn’t my strongest subject

  2. Darren Hall on Thu, 24th Nov 2011 1:08 pm 

    Yeah was a great offer. To be honest couldn’t really see United letting 2 in but then again that Basel (and City) game, you never know, so was worth a low risk punt.

    BACKed United on Freds at 1.67 for £400 (wish I had done the whole £500 now) but I had that in my account from a previous offer and laid on Betfair at 1.70 for £370, so around £9 if they won, £40 loss if they didn’t (but hopefully some trading options during the game, so plenty to play with) and of course if Benfica got 2 goals, kerching! In fact even one away goal within a reasonable time would give me something to play with.

    The OG came so early that I didn’t have to do anything, just waited to see how it would pan out. Obviously when United got in front I couldn’t lose as for it to be at least a draw now then Benfica would need another goal and the refund would kick in. Again didn’t expect for it to happen so soon! Happy days, could now lay some off Benfica / Draw as any result other than a United win would be cashback time. Given that it was at OT and not knowing how much Fergie Time there would be at the end I slightly weighed it more on United expecting a kitchen sink job but it didn’t happen but still made over £200. Not a bad ROI considering no more than £40 was ever at risk.

    This really shows the power of free bet offers and trading and something we are working a lot on over at as this can really enhance the value of the free bets, compounding them into even bigger profits.

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