Which Free System made over £5000 on the Premier League last season?

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This has just landed in my inbox from the boys over at Secret Betting Club. Well worth a look…….

One of the little-known benefits of being a Secret Betting Club member, comes from the power of our community of clued-up gamblers, many of whom are now sharing their betting expertise on our members only forum for free.

If you are looking for free, proven strategies, systems or just tips to make you money betting, then joining the SBC forum is one of the most affordable and best places to start.

Take for example our Fink Tank system, which made over £5000 at £100 level stakes last season in the Premier League or the racing tips from our member ‘Piecost’, which over the past 17 months have made over 250 pts profit.

What’s more we also supply all the tips and advice from our forum to all members for free via a daily ‘best of forum’ email.

Making it as simple as possible for you to follow.

To obtain access to our members forum (and get the free daily email), all you need is an active Secret Betting Club subscription, which allows you instant access as soon as you join.

Here Are Just Some Of Our Forum Highlights…

Check some of the best ongoing tips, systems and strategies available to members via our forum and just how they have been performing…

• Fink Tank Ratings – Our take on the Fink Tank ratings system, which with our value betting angle made over £5000 at £100 stakes in the English Premier League last season. All bets this year will again be posted on the members forum.

• Piecost’s Handicap Racing System – Daily racing tips from SBC member – Piecost and his own very popular and successful racing system. Since the 18th March 2010, he has made 259 pts profit at a 11% ROI – all for free.

• Racks Racing Bets – SBC member ‘mcracks’ has supplied 93 bets from his racing system since May and made a 90.48 pt profit – at an ROI of 97%!!

• Luton’s Greyhound Tipping – Pro Gambler Luton is sharing his advice for the big event and Sky TV cards for dog racing. He is barking up the right tree with 60.88 pts profit at a ROI of 122% from his tips!

• Wheelie’s Cycling Advice – Find exclusive advice from expert cycling tipster ‘Wheelie’ who during last week’s Eneco tour picked up a profit of 61.79 pts from only 9 bets! He had some big winners!

• 16 Runner Handicap System – Our Free racing system on how to profit from 16 runner handicap races, which is available to download in full as an SBC subscriber. One of our members is putting it to the test and has turned a £400 bank into £461.50 in just 3 months.

• GeeGee’s Racing System – Find regular daily racing advice from our member ‘GeeGee’ who since June 1st has made 18.49 pts profit.

• Sandy’s Handicap Selections – SBC Member ‘Sandy’ is up 36.8 pts from his racing handicap bets in just two months.

• Free Trading Tips – 2 SBC members ‘Koda’ and ‘Jasper’ have been supplying regular football trading bets on our forum. The running profit figure now stands at 16.72 pts since they began in late May.

This is by no means an exhaustive list and as an SBC member you gain access to many more free tips from both SBC members and betting experts.

…Just One Benefit Of An Secret Betting Club Membership

Access to all the above forum advice is just one benefit of an Secret Betting Club membership.
By signing up with you also gain access to all our 100% independent reviews, stats and Hall of Fame rankings which help to point you in the direction of the best experts and methods for making money betting.

We do this through the TWO monthly betting magazines we produce for our members, one devoted to Sports Betting and the other to Horse Racing.

We also have free powerful systems for members to download such as our 4 Pronged Attack and exclusive saving deals for many tipsters in our SBC Discount Club..as well as a FIVE year back catalogue full of our past reviews to check out.

All of this and much more is available for the equivalent of just £1.32 per week – significantly less than the cost of a weekend paper or the Racing Post.

What’s more we offer a full no quibble money-back guarantee should you join and not be satisfied, so you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

“Of the SBC I would say it is well run, by individuals with their hearts in the right places. Nothing is affiliate driven and this ensures top quality information and reviews of services. The community adds value and the forum is remarkable. This is a publication and community to join, read, enjoy and participate in – you will develop better betting skills and learn of new investment opportunities

– DS. SBC member & Professional Gambler.

To finally make your betting pay, visit: www.secretbettingclub.com

Best Regards,

The Secret Betting Club Team – Dan Jones, Mike Bishop & Greg Gordon

Or to find out more about Secret Betting Club itself, then hit the banner below….


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