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The latest X-Traders Guide Podcast has just been released and always it is well worth a listen. The show is hosted by Full Time Pro Trader Matt Finnigan. Matt is involved in a number of very successful sites on Trading and Sports Markets.

Here is the lowdown on this week’s show along with a link to Matt’s site so you can have a listen for yourself…..

Keeping you focus is on the agenda this week as Matt talks through the difficulties novice traders face in doing the basics well without the resistance to change

He explains why successful trading is boring (groundhog day) and why many novice traders lose focus and only tend to concentrate on new stuff or seeking at the new angles. Also how core skills can be transferred into other sports with a look back at the Masters.

He also talks through the market differences between the Premier League and forthcoming Euro2012

Finally; the doors are about to close on the X-Movers and X-Traders with a few spaces left, find out why you should grab those spaces

This Weeks Show

X-Movers News
Pro Trader Tip News
Keeping Your Focus
Core Trading skills
Euro 2012 markets

You can also follow Matt on twitter @mattfinnigan

Just click the banner to come and have a listen….(and catch up on all of his other great podcasts. Look out for week 11 it was a belter!)


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