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Welcome to this the latest Weekend Wager free betting column produced by the Secret Betting Club.

Each and every Friday through this column we bring together some of the finest experts to give you betting tips, advice and guidance for the next 7 days..

1. Dan Says..

In this column, Secret Betting Club co-editor and professional gambler Dan Jones discusses some of the weeks most topical betting issues.

Like many people at this time of year, I’ve got the in laws staying at the moment.

Unfortunately I get on very well with them. I say unfortunately because it usually robs be of the opportunity to share my favourite Les Dawson jokes like these gems:

“The wife’s Mother said, “When you’re dead, I’ll dance in your grave.” I said: “Good, I’m being buried at sea.”

“I can always tell when the mother in law’s coming to stay; the mice throw themselves on the traps.”

One regular ritual is for them to ask how my work is going and to see their eyes glaze over as I try to explain for the millionth time what I actually do and how its possible to make money from betting.

This week I thought I’d finally try to get through, so while the wife and mother in law were discussing holiday plans, I managed to explain some of the basics of sports betting to my Father in Law.

He asked me a good question which I thought was worth sharing here:

Father in law: So how do you find the best bets that will beat the bookmaker?

Me: Well, there are a few different ways you can do it:

  • Find a niche: If you know a particular football league or sport really well, then there’s a chance you be able to price up evens better than the bookies. This might be Non league football teams or niche betting sports such as Athletics, swimming or the Tour de France.
  • Build your own system: If you’re mathematically inclined, then you can build your own methods. There are few really good racing system builders such as or which allow you to test how profitable different criteria is in horse racing.
  • Use a ratings service: A ratings service helps you short cut hours of form reading by giving each horse or team a score, allowing you to easily spot any undervalued selections. In Football, we really like using Winabobatoo and this month we’re reviewing Peter May’s horse racing ratings in the latest edition of our magazine.
  • Buy a system: There are one or two decent commercially available systems for you to buy, but most of the time, these don’t make a profit or if they do, they don’t make it for long, because if everyone knows the rules, then the system becomes self defeating.
  • Use a tipster: This is our favourite approach and we recommend it for most people starting out. We proof over 75 tipsters in our magazine. We help our members find out which tipsters really make a profit over the long run. There are a lot of scammers out there, but there are a surprising number of diamonds in the rough. The best ones don’t do much advertising and people usually only find out about them through word of mouth or via our magazines. There’s another reason why we think tipsters bring in better profits than buying a system. A tipster is passing on his tip, but he doesn’t reveal his selection methods. This way his edge lasts for longer.

I think I finally got through this time; well at least he no longer looks at me with a look of benign sympathy when I mention sports betting.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to find the best tipsters, the best ratings services and the few really good systems, then consider adding a membership to your Christmas shopping list.

Until next week…

Dan Jones

2. Mike’s Football Bets

Mike analyses the forthcoming football betting opportunities over the next week and highlights a few bets he feels offer value. This is part of a season-long experiment to see the likely returns from such an approach and to build up a public record.
Mike’s bets will be available on the Blog on Saturday:

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3. A Sporting Chance

Scott Armstrong is The Sportsman who provides his regular expert betting advice on a range of sports such as Darts, Racing & Football. Each week via this column you can find his latest betting insight and expect some advice in fairly untapped markets – his speciality!

The PDC World darts championship began last night and runs until January the 3rd. This week I have decided to concentrate on the first round and throw out some stats from which you can hopefully prosper financially and possibly use as a system. Let’s term it the over-dogs.

Firstly start by making a list of the under-dogs in each of the first round matches. Then using odds checker look at the under-dogs individual maximums line. It will generally be set around over or under 1.5 or 2.5. Historically in the three years the tournament has been played at the Alexandra Palace the 1st round average individual maximums per player has been 2.625. Therefore lines set at 1.5 or 2.5 are there to be beaten. Last night the opening four first round matches took place. Three of those matches saw under-dogs with lines of 1.5 to beat on the 180s count. Mark Hylton hit 7, his odds of over 1.5 were 10/11, that would also have made a lovely spread bet. Steve Maish was playing Mark Webster who went off at 1-6. Maish notched 2 maximums at evens your dough. The last match saw Gary Mawson play the Guvnor – Phil Taylor. Although Mawson never won a set he wouldn’t have let you down in the maximums count racking up 3.

In the last three year’s the greatest show in darts has been played at the Alexandra Palace in the 96 first round matches the underdog has went over their individual maximums line on 58 occasions a 60% strike rate. At slight odds on there is not a great deal of upside. By adding another rule you can tilt the chances of winning in your favour.

Look at the previous three years 1st round stats and see if the under-dogs sat on individual lines of 1.5 have beaten those lines over the previous years i.e. beat the line twice, lost once. Ignore those who have lost on the line or drawn on the line over three years. Then do the same for under-dogs on 2.5 lines. It will throw up a handful of names and dependent upon price you may have found yourself a nice bet. I will offer up the first player who plays tonight, Tony Eccles. Unfortunately at 4-7 over 1.5 maximums there is not enough upside for me to get involved. The other problem with this little system is that Skybet are the layers in the market. Therefore satellite accounts may be the order of the day. But if you can get on, there’s money to made from those over-dogs.

The A to Z of Tipster & System Reviews

Check out the new look Secret Betting Club website, which now features a full A to Z list of many of the tipsters we have reviewed and analysed.

Our latest reviews include: All By The Book, Bet Advisor, On The Nose, Northern Monkey, Green Sports Bets, Adys Lay of The Day, NFL Linebacker, Bet Devil, Packed Pockets, Bet Soft Pro & Bettor Logic.

There is also plenty written about Football Value, Signature Racing Tips, Simplebet, The Market Examiner, Herbie Fogg, Sportyy, Tipster 365, The Punter Club, Lee Bollingbroke & The Nagman

f you cant find a review on the service you are interested in, simply enter their name into the search the site box – chances are we have featured them in the past.

Visit here for more info:

4. The Winabobatoo Weekender

Winabobatoo provide English Premier League, Football League and Scottish Premier ratings and systems. Using their own in-house systems to often ‘Win a bob or two’ for their members, they are penning an exclusive Weekend Football Guide to help with your bets every Saturday and Sunday.

Winabobatoo Football Match Ratings

The running total for bets I’ve advised to you in this column this season currently stands at:

Bets 15, Winners 7, Returns 19.72, Profit +4.72, ROI +31.46%.

We drew a blank last weekend when Blackpool halted Stoke’s recent good run. Let’s hope we can get back to winning ways this weekend – weather permitting.

Bournemouth lost at home to Hartlepool last weekend but I expect them to bounce back with a win at Rochdale. Rochdale started the season brightly but my ratings quickly had them as potential relegation candidates, not promotion candidates, as the league table implied.

They’ve slipped down the table and a tough scrap for League One survival looks on the cards.

Bournemouth have lost striker Josh McQuoid to Millwall and that has upset their balance somewhat but I think they’ll be too good for Rochdale.

This weekend’s selection is:

Bournemouth to win at Rochdale. Bournemouth are available at 2.75 with Coral and Victor Chandler.


Free Winabobatoo Mini-Magazine: Have you registered for your copy yet? There’s a review of the betting season-to-date, and an article from a Winabob member, explaining how he bets and what he aims to win, etc.

A Statistical Fact: (an extract from this weekend Mini-Mag)

The returns from blindly backing every odds on home team this season is:

All Games 2010-11 Bets Win% Profit/Loss % Profit
Odds On Homes 266 53 -32.14 -12.08

This level of loss is much higher than its average. Since 2006-07 the returns from backing all odds on home team are:

All Games Since 2006 Bets Win% Profit/Loss % Profit
Odds On Homes 3744 58 -157.05 -4.19

The average loss from backing odds on home teams is -4.19%. This season we’ve seen losses  into double digits at -12.08%. The bookmakers will be loving this trend and will have made significant profits as these are the most likely games for the average punter to be attracted to.

Read the full article in today’s Mini-Mag. Click the link below to take you to the website.

Good luck for the weekend.

Mike Lindley

Visit The Winabobatoo Website

That’s all for today! Have a great weekend…

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Best Regards,

Mike Bishop and Dan Jones
Co-editors, Secret Betting Club

P.S. All new members get our full back catalogue when joining and considering we have recently published our 54th edition, that’s a huge amount of info all thrown in for free!


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