Final Score: Bristol 255 Leeds 285

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Over the Easter weekend 36 blokes played football for 36 consecutive hours to break the world record and raise a shed load of cash for some great charities.

The Leeds Badgers and the Bristol Academy played a non-stop match for 36 hours, beating the previous record by two hours, 24 minutes. Players went without sleep, battled on in temperatures as low as 1C, and each ran an average of 70km over the duration of the match.

Leeds eventually triumphed over Bristol by 285 goals to 255.

They will now submit detailed log books and video evidence in order to have their world record officially verified.

The match kicked off at Filton College in Bristol at 10am on April 11, 2009, and finished 36 gruelling hours later at 10pm on April 12.

The 36 players (18 per squad) each played about 20 hours in order to beat the record, which was watched and scrutinised by a dedicated team of timekeepers.

During the match, players were allowed only a five-minute break each hour and were not allowed to leave the pitch side for the entire duration.

Organiser Simon Lynes said: “This was an absolutely incredible effort from all the lads. We were exhausted and there were some tough times in the early hours of the morning but once we got past the 24 hours mark we knew we were going to make it.”

“I’m so proud of each and every one of the players who put in an unbelievable level of effort both before and during the event.”

The game was supported by football legend Ian Rush, who had meningitis as a child and has joined The Meningitis Research Foundation as a patron.

The players raised the money in memory of Jamie Burdett, who played for the Badgers and died from meningitis two years ago.

It’s not too late to donate, so please give what you can…..

Meningitis Trust

For more info on this charity, please see

To donate to this charity please go to:

The second charity is called Kids Adventure, a student-run scheme, taking underprivileged children on fun-packed non-residential holidays. These offer children who come from deprived backgrounds the chance to feel really special, as well as make friends with other kids and grow in confidence.

To donate to this charity please go to:

And finally the teams, well done chaps!

Leeds Badgers:

1) Simon Lynes
2) Alex Coleman
3) Richard Painter
4) Tom Smith
5) Bryn Cooper
6) David Batey
7) Rich Senior
8 ) Sean Martin
9) Steven Rigby
10) Nick Stratful
11) Adam McPhee
12) Rhys Cooper
13) Matt Casey
14) Greg Felgate
15) Paul Mears
16) Cameron Greer
17) Paul Batey
18) Adam Moore

Bristol Academy

1) Dan Kim
2) Charlie Kingsbury
3) Mark Cottle
4) Kieran Crowley
5) Mark Newman
6) Andy Bell
7) Ben Byrne
8 ) Tony Flaherty
9) Dan Drage
10) Ollie Carter
11) Tom Richardson
12) Stuart Russell
13) Dan Hargreaves
14) Tom Eisenberg
15) Jorge Nichols
16) Rich Hamon
17) Tim Eustace
18) Rick Humphries


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