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You’ve probably read about so called betting experts and may even have received some emails about the latest sports betting system. You’re interested in active betting, but how do you know if the latest tipster or system is genuine or just another scam?

Maybe you’ve tried a bunch of tipsters in the past, but have always end up being disappointed.
Wouldn’t it be great if there was a place where you could find 100% independent reviews of profitable betting services and systems?

This is where we come in.

In short, we at reveal exactly how to you can make money from betting.

That’s right….How you can make money from betting!

We show you which tipsters to follow, which systems have merit and the software to use in order to do this most effectively (and quickly!). We help you develop the professional habits that are vital to making betting pay.

Moreover, many of our members had been consistently losing before joining our service. We’ve helped them turn a corner and we can help you:

• Find the right system/ tipster
• Choose the right software
• Apply the right staking
• Adopt the right mindset

We can help you like we helped this member:

“My profit so far since approaching the betting world with a proper betting portfolio and mindset ..

Mar: £10,020.80
Apr: £758.93 (peak was 6.5K halfway through month)
May: £7,712.51
Jun (since last night): £2,697.56

Thanks again and please keep up the great work in revealing the best systems/tipsters out there =)”
Stop wasting money on useless systems.

Because we are 100% independent, we’re not afraid to tell it like it is. You can be confident that when we review something, we’re not taking any commission that might influence our judgement consciously or even subconsciously.

On many occasions recently we’ve been the only people prepared to tell the whole truth about the latest releases. One laying system in particular was given top marks by other review sites, but we advised our readers to wait for more live results before purchasing it. Sure enough, this laying system has picked out two winners at 15/1 and 20/1 (ouch!) in the last 30 days, putting its users well out of pocket. Our readers were safely watching from the sidelines.

As well as you telling what to avoid, our unrivalled performance tables show you who’s a long term winner and who needs to pull their socks up.

Find top performers like these:

You’ll find all the latest stats as well as practical information on what time bets come through.

Here’s our top ranking performers over the last 12 months.

Service Name

Points Profit

ROI (Profit on Turnover)


Service 1




Service 2




Service 3




Service 4




Service 5




Service 6




Service 7




Service 8




Service 9




Service 10




[Note Return on investment here refers to the profit in relation to the amount of money risked. With a return on investment of 16.90%, you’d expect to win £16.90 for every £100 staked]

This is just a snap shot of the sort of information we provide. Our latest monthly e-magazine ran to over 100 pages in total!

What exactly do you get as a Secret Betting Club Member?

There has never been a better time to join us here at the Secret Betting Club. Let’s look at just some of the benefits you receive each month:

• Each month you receive our e-magazine with all the latest articles, features, reviews and developments in our renowned jam-packed issues which are free to all members. In addition, as a new member, you’ll also gain access to all of our past monthly reports stretching all the way back to May 2006!
• No need to trawl through our past magazines for information. As a member, you get access to our private website which list all our past reviews and articles in A-Z and key word searchable format.
• Want more detail? We summarise key results for you, but if you want to dig a little deeper, you can spend time analysing our unique monthly spreadsheets which list the latest and historical performance of over 40 tipsters that we continuously monitor. These spreadsheets include performance ratings that you won’t find anywhere else.
• You can also join the debate at our members’ only forum which is full of shared insight into the world of betting and tipsters. You can pick up valuable tips and experience from our helpful community.


By joining today not only will you receive a full 12 months worth of future issues but also our full back catalogue. We’re just coming up to our 36th edition, so this equates to 46 issues for the price of 12 as well as access to our membership website at so you can’t say fairer than that!

To join our service costs the equivalent of just 20p a day for a year. When you consider the money you could make with the right information and the money you will save by avoiding the scams, we like to think we are providing excellent value for money.

You can also join with confidence as we offer a full 12 month money back guarantee if at any time you are not satisfied with our service. No strings attached so if you’re not 100% pleased with what we do for whatever reason, we will refund you in full.

Seriously, no small print and no hidden conditions. We passionately believe in only providing a service that you find useful. To finally make your betting pay, visit:

Best Regards,

Mike Bishop and Dan Jones


Not only do we provide independent reviews of betting systems & tipsters, we also have regular guest articles explaining easy to follow systems that use the Racing Post and how to really make your way in sports trading.


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