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When it comes to strategic betting then there is only one man you need to know. The Godfather of the strategy bet, Big Mike Marsland. We have been enjoying his wonderful service for sometime here at bet72 and for July he’s making you an offer you can’t refuse.

Here it is straight from the horse’s head, I mean mouth…..

Could I interest you in a nice little saving?

Since apparently the world’s economy is about to collapse, here are two suggestions:

1. Start saving as much as you can.
2. Get better at betting as fast as you can.

So here’s some of the best advice I can give you, with a whacking great saving, on Big Mike Betting membership.

If you’re fed up with losing money from gambling, and maybe even wonder if I’m talking through my hat, this may interest you.

You see, unlike all those chaps who have a secret that will make you rich in the twinkling of an eye, I mostly help to make my members money. (several of them are full time professionals as well).

So here’s what you get, 10 days membership covering my daily racing selections, the Newmarket July meeting and a packed few days including double-headers at Ascot, Chester and York, the cricket trading on the series deciding one day
international between England and Sri Lanka and my golf trading portfolio on The Open Championship.

People pay as much as £599 for full annual membership – and are delighted with what they get for their money.

In fact here’s what they have to say about being a member –

“I’m just reviewing my betting spreadsheets Mike – setting up new ones to start
on 1st Sept. when your new year starts. I’ve made about £2k this year following
your advice – and that at mostly 1/3rd stakes! So it can be done :)” Ken Baker

You can get the next 10 days full membership for just £10.00.

The service is truly unique – and if you want to know how I have made my members over £6000 profit so far this season, whilst educating them how to change the way they bet, by employing defensive betting strategies – well, the next
ten days will show you.

Is there a catch? Let me think….er….no. If you enjoy the service then I hope you will stick around, but if it’s not for you, your membership will simply expire without any fuss.

If you know of a better deal, tell me, because I’ll be first in line after you.

Here’s the link:

July 10 For A Tenner Offer


Big Mike Betting – Proven strategies for generating betting profits

Wow, what an offer. In fact this offer has been really flying out the door, so much so that it will now end at Midnight on Sunday so please don’t miss out…

You may not have noticed that three days ago I made an offer that my marketing guy called “insane” and he’s been bending my ear over it ever since, claiming it cheapens my brand. (I didn’t realise I even had one) Anyway, as usual in such matters he is probably right. So, I don’t intend to carry on doing this, as it makes me look even worse at
marketing than usual. So the deal will end on Sunday. If you’re interested, you can save a fair few pounds and join me for the next ten days for just £10 – no gimmicks or catches, just a genuine offer.

Only one thing to do then click below and make July 2011 your most profitable betting month ever!

July 10 For A Tenner Offer

Ciao Mamma!


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