Goals, Goals, Goals

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Looks like we have two things to celebrate this weekend. The start of the new Premiership football season and the full launch of our brand new automated trade finder software, MarketMatcher over on our sister site www.bettingsystemnotes.com

So with two such big events happening we thought we would have a little competition. Don’t worry nothing too in depth, in fact it is all rather easy actually.

We all know that goals makes trades, so here’s to a real goalfest to start us off, in fact just email info@bettingsystemnotes.com before 3PM on Saturday 13th August (with the word Goals in the subject line) with the number of goals you think will be scored across all the Premiership matches this weekend (don’t forget we are minus Tottenham v Everton now) and once the fat lady has sung at the end of Man City v Swansea game on Monday night, the 3 people with the right number (or nearest the final total) will instantly get free lifetime access to the aforementioned site, worth £39.99.

In the event of a tie all correct answers will go into a random number draw to determine the prize winners (our decision is final, reserve the rights to sent the boys round etc…etc….)  Of course if you are already a member of www.bettingsystemnotes.com and you are one of our winners then we will gladly send you £39.99 ourselves. So even if you were just about to buy the software (I know I would), don’t let this email delay you before the big kick off, as if you win the comp you get your money back anyway!

Now in case you have been holidaying on the moon or something and don’t have a clue what Betting System Notes is all about, it is a fully customisable online notepad / organiser where you can store all your notes for betting systems and strategies, trading rules and guidelines. Making them all instantly accessible at the click of a mouse, anytime, anywhere. What’s more we have also preloaded the software with a lucky 13 proven profitable Football Trading Strategies so you can hit the ground running and get straight into profit.

And now we welcome our very latest addition to the site, MarketMatcher.  This software will find potential trades on the day’s inplay football on Betfair by matching our proven profitable trading strategies with the up and coming games. Or you can put in your own custom search criteria to fit your own systems or strategies and find games that way.  Either way, you find the selections you want, in seconds, first time, every time. In fact if you hop over to the site now and see the brand new software package in action, Introducing MarketMatcher

Now take all of the above and add into the mix some bonus trading strategies and systems, exclusive content / videos from a team of highly respected industry professionals and even some risk free profit ideas too then you have the complete money making portal right there at your fingertips every time you go online. So you can see this is no mean prize (and we have big plans for the coming weeks too with lots of new features and great content).

Plus don’t forget can now use everyone’s favourite trading software, Geeks Toy in Training Mode to test out and play around with all the strategies and systems provided without risking a penny of your own. So putting the 2 together, you really do have a match made in heaven and the recipe for a very profitable season ahead.

Good luck to everyone and here’s to goals, goals, goals.


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  1. Chippy on Sat, 13th Aug 2011 1:19 pm 

    Anything to do with or recommended by the Geek is the dog’s

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