Champions League. We’re Having A Laugh With The Betting System Notes Software

Posted on May 6, 2011 by  

Two winning trades out of two on the Champions League Semi Finals using a couple of the strategies included in the software.

Once again we were just playing using minumum recommended stakes yet once again covered the cost of the entire package for about any hours work (if you can call it that).

Remember these are just 2 of the 13 proven profitable football trading strategies included within the site. Not to mention the suite of trading videos, hints, tips and risk free profit guides etc…..etc…..

Here’s how we did it…..

And of course the software itself. Your very own personal online systems database where you can add, delete, edit, categorise, customise, search and view all the information you enter to suit your needs.

We even have an instant £10 risk free profit offer inside the site, for everyone who signs up, so that covers 25% of the cost immediately!

You can read more about the entire package here.


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