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Fancy making some instant risk free cash, right now, right this minute.

Well you can as bet72.com have uncovered these two offers, where the free bets are instantly credited as soon as you place your first bet, the free bets stakes returned (so we can wager these at ANY odds we like) so we can even cash them out on the same game too.

Plus and they are partner friendly offers too, so you can do them twice for the same household address for double bonuses, boy what more could we ask for.

– Bet £10, get £10 free bet

– Free bet upto £20 (20% of your first deposit – so deposit £100 to get £20)

Honestly this will be the fastest instant risk free profit you will ever make…….


Here is the link to get signed up with (and remember this is partner friendly so that is double instant profit)…..

– Bet £10, get £10 free bet


Click here for the best current risk free sign up options

and once you the free bet credited….

Click here for the best current best risk free options to cash out your free bet for maximum risk free profit

And don’t forget to check out the Coral 10% cashback offer too, full details here


And if you haven’t used Eurobet yet, they are stake returned too so you can do the same again for their £20 freebie. Remember the value of the free bet is 20% of your first deposit upto a maximum of £20 free, so deposit £100 to get the full £20 freebie.

Here is the link to get signed up with (and remember this is partner friendly so that is double instant profit)…..

– Free bet upto £20 (20% of your first deposit – so deposit £100 to get £20)


Click here for the best current risk free sign up options

and once you the free bet credited….

Click here for the best current best risk free options to cash out your free bet for maximum risk free profit


35 Comments on "Our Quickest Profits Ever"

  1. Tony on Wed, 4th Mar 2009 10:38 am 

    is the date and time of your wordpress server different to ours?
    This article is for a match on the 2nd, but the article is shown as posted on the 3rd (which would be after the event).

    I’m confused!

  2. JOHN on Wed, 4th Mar 2009 6:57 pm 

    HI / great bet, great site, keep it up,thanks ,John.

  3. Jeff Lewis on Thu, 5th Mar 2009 10:29 am 

    I was really excited about this but when i went to the Coral website found that they were only offering £25 free bets on Cheltenham. Similarly I couldn’t see any mention of the offer you mention with Eurobet either

  4. Darren Hall on Thu, 5th Mar 2009 11:58 am 

    The offer is on now Jeff, the link just takes you to a Cheltenham ad that is all. Here are the T&C’s….

    £25 Matched Deposit Offer

    Advertised offers relating to the opening of a Coral.co.uk account are limited to one per customer. In the case of a customer opening more than one Coral account, we reserve the right to suspend and close duplicate accounts, and make void any bets placed.

    The £25 free bet offer is available for new customers who deposit and bet £25 on a sporting event.

    Customers depositing and staking less than £25 will receive the equivalent free bet value. For example: a customer that deposits an initial amount of £5 will be credited with a £5 free bet once their original £5 has been bet with on a sporting event.

    Please note that the free bet will only appear in your account once the amount of your own deposit has been bet with on a sporting event (this doesn’t have to be bet as one go but can be bet in increments). The free bet must then be staked before any withdrawal is permitted.

    The free bet will be triggered by the first deposit amount and will not be applicable for subsequent deposit values.

    We reserve the right to amend or withdraw any promotion at any point for whatever reason.

    Re Eurobet, you must use the logo above to click thru as it is a semi exclusive offer, not on the standard site.

  5. chris on Mon, 16th Mar 2009 4:17 pm 

    Darren can you tell me if that coral and eurobet offer that is partner friendly is available even though i have an account withem nn we stay at the same address.

  6. Darren Hall on Mon, 16th Mar 2009 4:20 pm 

    No problem Chris, as long as you can provide ID for each person if requested by them then no problem from the same address.

  7. chris on Mon, 16th Mar 2009 4:24 pm 

    thanks fot that just too easy this.

  8. Eddie on Wed, 18th Mar 2009 1:09 pm 

    Darren just found your site.
    I thought that your free bets had to be used on another bet and that your account wasnt credited with the free bet amount.
    Am I wrong and missing something, could you please explain.

  9. Darren Hall on Wed, 18th Mar 2009 2:19 pm 

    Eddie, are you talking about these particular offers or free bets in general?

  10. Eddie on Wed, 18th Mar 2009 3:01 pm 

    Hi Darren
    These bets

  11. Eddie on Thu, 19th Mar 2009 12:36 pm 

    Hi Darren
    Just made my first matched bet with Bet365 and made £17 for doing virtually nothing.
    But after I had placed my first bet realised that they had incresed the off to a £50 free bet and not the £25 that you have on the site, it cost me another £17 because I had already bet £25 but it will make me double check in future.
    Thanks again top site

  12. Darren Hall on Thu, 19th Mar 2009 1:14 pm 

    Eddie, as soon as you place a bet with at Coral and/or Eurobet the free bet is instantly added to you account and because the free bets are stake not returned you can bet on exactly the same selection regardless of the odds.

  13. Phil Johnson on Sat, 28th Mar 2009 12:56 pm 

    Hi Darren

    Fantastic site and had my share of the bonus’e thanks to you.

    Just a simple request, can you make it clear in your email updates if the offer is for new or old or both types of customers. I would imagine most of these bounus offers are ignored now as most of us have already got an account with the said bookmakers. Just a thought!



  14. frank on Sat, 28th Mar 2009 2:45 pm 

    hi ive opened a few betting accounts but not put any funds in am i still eligable for the bonuses

    cheers frank

  15. Darren Hall on Sat, 28th Mar 2009 9:18 pm 

    Technically yes Frank, but drop me a line with which ones and I can check to see if there would be any likely issues.

  16. Darren Hall on Sat, 28th Mar 2009 9:19 pm 

    Good idea Phil, I will look at adding some sort of banner to easily identify which are new or existing offers. Cheers.

  17. Patrick Stratton on Sat, 28th Mar 2009 11:43 pm 

    Darren I signed up with bgbet.com but have failed to find any comparison qualifying bet listed with your site or any other, what do you suggest as I have deposited £25 for a free £25 bet

  18. steve spencer on Tue, 31st Mar 2009 12:14 pm 

    Hi Darren, i have just signed up with your website. If i put my #100 quid in, how long would be before i could withdraw it, sorry if this make me sound like a moron, but it is all new to me. Also on the coral link, is coraltd your ref, thanks steve spencer

  19. Darren Hall on Tue, 31st Mar 2009 12:28 pm 

    Steve, once you have placed the £100 sign uo bet the free £20 will be automatically added so bet that on the same selection as detailed above. Once the game has settled then you can withdraw either from Eurobet (likely!) or Betfair depending on the outcome.

    For Coral no need for any promo code / ref as long as you use the link you will get the free tenner!

  20. adrian on Tue, 31st Mar 2009 2:51 pm 

    With these offers being partner friendly, does it mean that if my wife wanted to complete the offers, she could do so even though she would be using the same pc, same address? Would she have to use a seperate bank card to fund the deposit than the one I used?

  21. Darren Hall on Tue, 31st Mar 2009 2:58 pm 

    Yes Adrian. Different username, email address and bank card is required.

  22. Tony on Wed, 15th Apr 2009 11:19 am 

    Darren, I did the Coral sign up last night but when I signed up to Eurobet I missed placing the Nadal bet by 1 minute! Do you have another safe bet for me so I can bag the bonus please? Cheers fella

  23. Darren Hall on Wed, 15th Apr 2009 12:14 pm 

    Hi Tony, Arsenal are a good selection for today, 1.53 on Eurobet and 1.55 on Betfair, use Oddsmatcher for the latest prices…..


    More tennis selections back on once the 3rd round matches are finalised.

  24. shaz on Fri, 24th Apr 2009 3:27 pm 

    I know i am being a bit thick here but how do i bet just liverpool to win on eurobet, there are all different sections but nothing that lets you have a straigt forward win bet

  25. Darren Hall on Fri, 24th Apr 2009 5:05 pm 

    From the homepage, select All Events, Soccer, UK & Ireland, should be there Shaz as the Premiership list comes up by default. Liverpool still 1.40

  26. geno on Tue, 2nd Jun 2009 1:08 pm 

    sorry if I ask, I see all those topics about free bet here and there, but its always to ” if im a new user ” or also whos already signed can get benefits of it ?

    I saw on the ” how to do 200 euro today” centrebet offer 20 euro + 20 free, then theres nothing on the site, and if I understood you speak of new users right ?

  27. Darren Hall on Wed, 3rd Jun 2009 8:32 pm 

    Geno, these are all for new users. If you want to email me a list of the bookmakers you have already used I can advise you on the next best offers to have a go at.

  28. Victor on Wed, 8th Jul 2009 3:43 pm 

    Darren, Just opened a coral account not put any money in yet, am a bit confused on the offer is it free £10 or £25 as mentioned above? Also they are looking for a BONUS CODE when you deposit money….any ideas on that?


  29. Darren Hall on Wed, 8th Jul 2009 5:17 pm 

    Victor. No codes are needed for the free £10 (as it is now), have updated the bet too see above for a very low cost option!

  30. Victor on Wed, 8th Jul 2009 5:47 pm 

    Darren, Got it on Coral now I am after EuroBet 😉

  31. Victor on Wed, 8th Jul 2009 6:10 pm 

    Done exactly as you say above with the two bets each on Coral and Eurobet, layed on Betfair at 1.08. So now just need to wait until tomorrow night to get all the cash….right?

  32. keith on Mon, 5th Oct 2009 8:37 pm 

    hi darren,not a negative question i hope but what happens when you have “done ” all the offers or would that never happen in your opinion ?

  33. Darren Hall on Wed, 7th Oct 2009 12:48 pm 

    The next step is to hot foot over to http://www.betsevntytwo.com and join the membership site!! Here we take the process to the next level, detailed all the offers for existing users, casino playing, trading and arbing, this is the complete site for anyone who wants to make a steady profitable monthly income.

    I have to say there are more offers for existing users than ever before so you can really take this as far as you wish to go.

  34. john on Wed, 21st Oct 2009 2:09 am 


    BALANCE SAYS £0.00



  35. Darren Hall on Wed, 21st Oct 2009 5:56 pm 

    Likewise, the offer is still good, drop me an email and I can contact my account manager at Eurobet and get the free bet credited for you. Others are still doing this no problem.

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