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Fancy a free £200 bet, um thought so. Well Globetsport are offer this very tasty offer to all new customers.

You get a free bet bonus worth 50% of your first deposit upto a max. of £200, so for the top claim you will need to deposit £400. The value of the deposit must then be wagered over 3x (at 2.00 or above) BEFORE the bonus can be claimed, so you will have to keep wagering even if you lose on one of your qualifying bets. But no problem just withdraw the extra from the betting exchange and top up the Globetsport account until you have met the wagering.

Then you can claim the free bet bonus and this must be wagered 1x, again at odds of 2.00 or above, easy!

Here is the link to get signed up with

And naturally we have all the odds you need for this in Oddsmatcher (well we aim to please!)

Here are the full details from the site….

Make a deposit now and get a 50% Sign Up Bonus!

* This promotion is for new customers and is for sportsbook betting only.
* In order to qualify for this promotion you have to deposit a minimum of 25 £/$/€, maximum of 400 £/$/€
* The initial deposit must be wagered at least 3 times on different events. The odds for each selection must be at least 2.00.
* All bets must be settled before claiming the bonus
* Once the above conditions have been met, contact globetsport.com by e-mail at bonus@globetsport.com quoting ‘50% sign up bonus’ and your account ID, to claim the bonus
* Your Bonus will be credited within 48 hours
* Customers have 30 days after making their deposit and playing it, to claim their bonus
* Before any withdrawals the bonus amount must be played entirely on odds of at least 2.00, or you risk forfeiting the bonus.
* In case the bonus is not wagered within 30 days from the date it has been credited, it will be removed from your account.


* These conditions are additional to the general Terms and Conditions of Globetsport.com
* Promotions will be valid for all deposit options in Globetsport.com
* Promotions cannot be combined and only one promotion per client
* Multiple accounts are not allowed
* Any Void or Cancelled Bet will not be included as part of the turnover requirements
* Globetsport.com reserve the right to withhold any bonus payment if it is considered any bonus abuse has taken place
* Globet reserves the right to change these terms and conditions and/or withdraw this promotion at any time without notice.”
* Only for one household or IP


82 Comments on "Have a Glo for a free £200 bet"

  1. John on Wed, 6th May 2009 7:40 am 

    Just got my free £200. Just to confirm, (I know it says somewhere here but….) this is a stake returned offer and the £200 only has to be wagered once?! Have people won on their free £200 and withdrawn successfully?

    Been a long time coming this bonus!

  2. Martin Ogilvy on Wed, 6th May 2009 8:32 am 

    How long after you requested did you get it John? I’m up to nearly 72 hours now and no sign

  3. Martin Ogilvy on Wed, 6th May 2009 4:20 pm 

    Still waiting for mine-trying to get through to them is tricky-e-mails just ignored-live chat says wait for e-mail. Feel like I’m being taken for a ride here

  4. Martin Ogilvy on Wed, 6th May 2009 5:11 pm 

    Just been onto live chat-pretty useless. First they said they couldn’t find my mail, then they found it, then they said “oh its over 48 hours since you claimed” and I said that was my point. Then he said he will pass it on to the relevant department. But wait a minute-I sent the e-mail to the relevant department!! Terrible service!

  5. Suzanne Hamilton on Wed, 6th May 2009 11:06 pm 

    A positive experience with Globetsport! I deposited £400 through Neteller without a problem. Placed my 3 x qualifyers at decent odds without a problem (lost 2, won 1). Left my winnings in there. After a couple of emails and pleasant live chat, had my £200 bonus credited in 3 days, played it and lost and was able to withdraw my account balance back to Neteller without a problem. Ended up with a total profit inc. losses on the qualifyers of about £160 from my £200 free. Great!

  6. Martin Ogilvy on Thu, 7th May 2009 6:56 am 

    OK finally got mail explaining why they haven’t paid-apparently I had three bets where I backed the same selection twice and in this case only th first stake counts. So 100 stake counts as 100 but 2×50 bets on the same selection only counts as 50. Seems a bit strange, but hey if I was them I wouldn’t want to give 200 quid away either! Wonder what next rule will be that they will quote at me!

  7. John on Thu, 7th May 2009 7:23 am 

    Hi Martin. I sent my email on Friday 1st. It appeared on the Tuesday after, but I was waiting for a memeber of customer service to contact me saying it had been credited. They never and I just checked the account by chance. As for the live chat, I have got through once in about 4 attempts. It is probably the worst customer service I have come across, BUT…. everything has been fine for me moneywise so far. Deposited the full £400 through Neteller and withdrawn everything easy enough. Just have to cashout my free bet now.

  8. Martin Ogilvy on Thu, 7th May 2009 12:19 pm 

    Glad to see positive experinces from John and even more so, Suzanne. I just hate the fact that e-mails are never replied to. I had to mess about for 3 days while they told me I hadn’t placed enough bets. If they had told me straight away, fine | I would have placed more bets, but I was on chat a couped,of times and they never mentioned that I was short on the bet front, just that they would pass on my message. Agree with you John, worst customer service around-live chat people are friendly and polite but can;t really do anything-but having said all that I have to admit it’s one of the best offers around. Whether I will ever see my bonus I’m beginning to doubt but nice to see some have!

  9. John on Fri, 8th May 2009 8:00 pm 

    Good luck Martin.

    I’m all cashed out for a £153.89 profit.

    Just to remind you all, there is a time limit.

    “Customers have 30 days after making their deposit and playing it, to claim their bonus”

    Just make sure you keep plugging away.

  10. Martin Ogilvy on Fri, 8th May 2009 9:15 pm 

    Well done John! Yes well by my calculations I was only £57 short. Had a £57 bet yesterday and have claimed again. First deposit was on 15th April so still got a few days in habd but its getting tight if they mess me around again. Worst thing is that I asked them to confirm how much I had left to wager and-you guessed it-no reply!

  11. Martin Ogilvy on Sat, 9th May 2009 8:51 pm 

    46.5 hours after claim-just checked my account and there is the juicy £200 bonus! Phew what a struggle, but worth it. Going to wait a few days now and find a nice match up to maximise the winnings. Just a word to anyone else who feels getting this bonus is like banging your head against a brick wall-don’t give up-it will come in the end!

  12. Gary Williamson on Sun, 10th May 2009 10:57 am 

    Anyone doing this offer – globet are offering 2.36 on freiburg v koblenz, you can lay on betfair at 2.28, there is over £2000 in the pool, happy oddsmatching!!

  13. Martin Ogilvy on Tue, 12th May 2009 8:25 am 

    This struggle just goes on and on! I found a tennis bet today with a nice match up-put the £200 bet on-comes back on the screen as bet accepted stake £10!!! No question if I want to proceed with the bet, jut adjusts the stake to £10, yes £10 when £200 was requested, and takes the bet. How many times is this going to happen and how do I know they will EVER accept a £200 bet?? Nice way to stop me using the bonus bet!! Awful company

  14. Martin Ogilvy on Tue, 12th May 2009 8:02 pm 

    OK I’ve got my bet on -Wolfsburg tonight. Total profit £152 so I’m happy with that. Only thing I worry about now is witdrawing my cash from them. I deposited by debit catd so no doubt I’ll need to provide 83 different kinds of ID and wait 3 weeks for my money!

  15. Martin Ogilvy on Tue, 12th May 2009 9:32 pm 

    LOL as I expected they stiff you! You can only witdraw on card what you deposited on card(what sort of rubbish is that??) So I can only witdraw £400-leaving over £700 in my accunt! Going to try and open a Netteller account but no doubt soemthing will stop me there-what a palaver!

  16. Martin Ogilvy on Tue, 12th May 2009 10:28 pm 

    OK-did the rest by bank transfer. Says its free and will be in my account in 1-2 days. I’ll believe it when I see it!

  17. Eddie on Wed, 13th May 2009 1:47 pm 

    I have opened a Moneybookers account ready for this offer but it says my card limit for depositing is £674 for any 60 day period.
    How can I get this increased to do this offer.

  18. Michael on Wed, 13th May 2009 4:18 pm 

    Martin i get the distinct impression you are paranoid. You need to relax and stop thinking you will be conned. I have done this offer 6 times now and there has not been a problem with any of the withdrawals. Eddie you need to verify all your details (card,bank,address). This will take time but will nevertheless give you the desired outcome.

  19. Eddie on Thu, 14th May 2009 4:21 pm 

    Michael I know that Moneybookers ask for a swift number for the bank and I think an Ibas no, do I ask the bank for these numbers.
    I have verified my card so if I verify my bank details will they increase my depositing limit or will I have to ask them.
    I want to make sure I can deposit enough into Moneybookers in case my bets dont win with the bookie.
    Sorry to be such a pain just want to be sure I know what I am doing before going ahead.

  20. Martin Ogilvy on Thu, 14th May 2009 8:53 pm 

    Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re NOT out to get you!

  21. Michael on Thu, 14th May 2009 10:54 pm 

    Hi eddie. You should have those numbers on your bank statement. They will also be present on your online banking statement screen.

  22. Eddie on Fri, 15th May 2009 11:19 am 

    Michael many thanks

  23. Michael on Fri, 15th May 2009 12:33 pm 

    Martin they are not out to get you. You strike me as a person who is a total beginner with regards to this betting lark. I have lots of experience of this and am telling you the only way your withdrawal won’t be processed is if you have done the offer before from the same computer and have not covered your tracks, hence being a bonus abuser. Even in this instance they will only subtract the value of the bonus itself!

  24. Martin Ogilvy on Fri, 15th May 2009 1:59 pm 

    Great! I ‘ve finally worked out how to withdraw your cash. They don’t make it clear but it works like this:

    Let’s say you deposited £400 by card and after your dealings and doing the free bet you have a balance of £1000. You can just withdraw the £1000 to the card right? WRONG! They only let you withdraw the amount you deposited! OK no problem I can withdraw by some other method that they advertise-bank transfer, Moneybookers, Netteller right? WRONG! Yoo can only withdraw cash the same way you deposited it!!How to get round it? Well as I said thet don’t make it clear but it’s very easy-just go back and withdraw £400 again to your card, and then again go through the same process to withdraw £200. So you can withdraw £400, £400 and £200 one after the other in seconds but you can’t make one withdrawal of £1000. Work that one out if you can!

  25. James on Mon, 18th May 2009 12:13 pm 

    I was wary of this one after a few negative comments on here but needn’t have worried. All cashed out now and it couldn’t have been easier.
    Deposited £400 with moneybookers so no ID checks or deposit limit problems. Three bets of £400 found and placed in the space of a week with no risk controls or anything. Sent the e mail as per their terms asking for the bonus and received it within 48 hours as promised. Bet the £200 bonus through once and then wirhdrew the whole lot via moneybookers with no fuss. And thanks to one inspired underlay I managed to get just over £200 back.

  26. Martin Ogilvy on Mon, 18th May 2009 2:29 pm 

    Well done James! Gald my comments didn’t put you off (I am the big negative voice on here!) But you are right-if you follow their rules they are fine

  27. Michael on Mon, 18th May 2009 5:47 pm 

    You are underselling yourself a little there martin, i’d say you are a HUGE negative voice on here!

  28. Martin Ogilvy on Tue, 19th May 2009 4:01 pm 

    Sorry Michael-but in my defence I am new to all this betting lark. I hope one day to be as well informed and shrewd as your good self

  29. Michael on Tue, 19th May 2009 5:10 pm 

    I was not saying it martin to have a go. I was saying what i was because you seemed to be in a panic and i was trying to cast some perspective, not only that you have to appreciate that unjustified negative vibes towards offers are counterproductive because it will scare off newbies and detract from what darren is trying to do with this site. I as much as anybody appreciate what darren has done with this site. Since february last year i have been a frequent visitor and have cleared 30 grand in profit since then just by following advice and strategy on this site. For e.g- I was the person who had the record win on cyberslotz of £1011. Incidentally i must stress that i have enlisted numerous people over the past year hence the huge returns!

  30. Jonathan on Tue, 19th May 2009 10:32 pm 

    Hey Michael hope it wasn’t you that only gave £5 for the charity run on Sunday!! £30k should merit a sizeable donation! Lol everybody dig deep 🙂

  31. Michael on Wed, 20th May 2009 1:17 pm 

    I wish i never said owt now LOL!!

  32. Martin Ogilvy on Thu, 21st May 2009 8:03 pm 

    As I said Michael, I only admire clever people like you and aspire to be as good one day. As for Darren, I too take my hat off to him and say thanks. I merely passed on some comments which I thought might be beneficial though I see in hindsught they were scaremongering. I will keep my thoughts to myself in future and leave it to people who better know what they are talking about

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