Paddy Pays Up Early Again

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Paddypower have paid out again. Yes not content with nearly putting the kibosh on Chelsea winning the Premiership by paying out on them 3 weeks ago, PP has now coughed up on all Tory bets and naturally they were very understated about it all…..


The UK general election is over before a vote has been cast according to Paddy Power who are so sure that David Cameron’s Conservatives are home and dry that they are paying out on all bets on Cameron to be PM and the Conservatives to win the most seats.

The cheeky bookie launched their early payout in the early hours of Tuesday morning by illuminating one side of the Houses of Parliament with a picture of David Cameron and the words “WE’RE PAYING OUT”

Cameron’s strong performance in the final TV debate on Thursday saw a relentless tide of betting support for the Conservatives in the outright market, shortening the odds on the Tories winning most seats at the Election from 1/5 a week ago to just 1/16. Punters will be collecting over €100,000 from the leading bookmaker.

Paddy Power himself said ”Dave is heading for Downing Street and punters can come and collect their cash.

“If money talks then what we have seen in the last few days tells us the Conservatives are going to win the Election. The only question remaining is whether they secure enough seats for the all important majority – and the betting is starting to suggest they can.”

However all might not yet be in vain for Clegg and Brown. In 2003 Paddy Power famously paid out early on Arsenal winning the Premier League, only to see Manchester United pip them at the post.

So if Paddy Power have declared Dave the winner in Election betting the big question now is by how much will The Conservatives win?

Who will win most Seats?
1/16 Cons
8/1 Lab
25/1 Lib Dems

Majority Betting
4/5 Cons Majority
10/11 Hung Parliament
33/1 Lab Majority
66/1 Lib Dem Majority

Conservative Majority
11/10 Defeat or no majority
7/4 2-20 Seat Majority
5/2 22-40 Seat Majority
6/1 42-60 Seat Majority
16/1 62-80 Seat Majority
20/1 82-100 Seat Majority
18/1 Over 100 Seat Majority

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