4/5th September

Posted on September 6, 2010 by  

I was away this weekend so no time to do anything, other than cash out my Bet770 freebie, just before I left. However that netted us a very nice £102.67 profit and we are out in one hit, maybe I should go away more often!

With these offers that need x times wagering before you can withdraw, I like to just go in with a fairly aggressive underlay. If the bet loses then happy days we are out with a reasonable profit (may not be the maximum amount but it is all free money afterall) and onto the next offer with no funds tied up with the bookmaker. However if we do win at the bookies then we take a profit on that bet too.

I see this as paying me for my time to go find another bet and also for having more funds in the bookmaker than I would like. In this instance, had my bet won, I would have make £20 and been looking for another or out with a 3 figure profit for basically 2 minutes clicking !

Not saying this is the best way to do it, I know people who like to get the maximum they can from every single offer, but it works for me and I am onto the next one with an extra 3 figures in my betfair account!

Today’s Profit: £102.67

Month To Date: £256.08



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