3rd September

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Football, football, football. Oh how I have missed you! Only been a few days but it seems like a lifetime!

Not only that, as while the big game was going on at Wembley, the even bigger one (and the whole point for this blog) was already in progress over at Warwick University, c’mon lads bring the record back!

Straight onto the Betfair Horsey Multiples offer and well, well, well I managed to land a treble today which paid out £197 to a £20 stake. Of course I laid it along the way (as risk free is the name of the game here and do you really think I would have got a treble up any other way!). The lay cost me £178, so nice little £19 profit, less than I might have expected and with hindsight I should have underlayed a little more but a nice little bonus none the less. Anyway take the £19 from today less the £2.50 loss from yesterday and add in the £20 cashback gives a £36.50 profit overall, not bad for 2 sets of bets!

Then Betfair were at it again, this time with a Multiples 5-fold football cashback. Buoyed by my horse racing success I could not refuse. The offer was basically place 5-fold (accumulator) bet on the Euro 2012 qualifiers and if you have just one loser in the bet they refund your stake upto £50, lovely! Basically made a 5 fold up of Laying 4 minnows (who had no chance of winning) then Backing the Draw in the England / Bulgaria game as a £50 5 fold This gave me an effect odds bet of 5.48 i.e. £224 profit to a £50 stake.

Normally would do this on games that were better staggered you could lay as you go but in this case thought it was worth the punt with this mighty nations involved, a calculated risk rather than a mad punt I would say. At KO the draw was trading at 5.6 so I layed this for £40, giving me £38 profit whatever the outcome, marvellous!

One other offer for today, an invite for a free £5 bet if I place £5 on any of the footy via the 888Sport mobile site. Got on this for a 31p loss, so once the freebie is credited will be onto that.

So we have smashed the £100 mark after just 3 days, great stuff!

Today’s Profit: £74.50

Month To Date: £153.41



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